Get Windows 10 PRO licence for free for your Teclast F7

Get Windows 10 PRO licence for free for your Teclast F7

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    I was going to activate my “DreamSpark” license for Win10 PRO or EDU on my Teclast F7… but before that, I tried to check what`s the current price for upgrading HOME toPRO in MS Store…

    Surprise surprise … keep on reading…

    Dont`t know how it happened…

    Somehow I managed to get Windows 10 PRO license for free from MS Store… After few clicks of the mouse, now I run Win10 PRO on Teclast F7 for free, instead of ~200$


    On your Teclast F7 go to Settings -> Updates & Security -> Activation ->  look for a option to update your win edition to PRO in MS Store.

    Click on it. It will take you to MS Store with 2 options:

    • Upgrade to Win10 Professional (no price),
    • Upgrade to Win10 for Workstations (no price).

    I picked PRO (since “for Workstations” has no sense, cos it need very special/expensive hardware, not a case for Teclast F7, try it if U like).

    So I cliked PRO, was especting a price, but NO! It began to upgrading to PRO stright away! After few minutes it rebooted, then after some “Adding functions…” screen log in screen showed up.

    After loging in, I have a PRO license fully activated!

    Try it your self, maybe you will be as lucky as I`m.


    Looks like Teclast Win10 license is broader than Home edition (and no need to use your “DreamSpark” license).


    • “DreamSpark” – NO professional use!!
    • “PRO” – FULL professional use!!

    Try your luck!


    Sry for my English, not native.

    & I still think LTSB edition is better than anything else.. look for it around. L

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    Mine came up with £119.99…. oh well, worth a try..


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    Doesn´t work for me (145 / 299 €), but thanks anyway!


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    came up with $99 for me, guess it’s back to free Win 10 Education from the university…


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    So how mine come for free? I wonder.

    I made no changes to Windows what came with the machine. Bought it about a 1 month ago.

    Wait. All what changed was making a standard windows recovery disk on usb flash drive and recovered from it.

    That’s it.


    Ray Dollars
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    I bought an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro on eBay for around $5!


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    There is something strange with the included Windows licence or with the Microsoft Database.

    I’ve bought a Jumper EzBook 3 Pro (V2) last summer and because 13,3″ was little bit small, an additional Teclast F7 this spring. They look like brothers so I assume they stem from the same manufacturer.

    What I did first is to install a clean Win10 from USB Install on the Ezbook, it activated automatically as a Home version.
    After that I bought a Pro license in the internet and updated the Ezbook.
    Then I bought the Teclast and because I want to sell to EzBook I Install Win 10 again with automatical activation as HOME.

    Ok. On the Teclast I did a fresh install of Win10, too and it activates as Win10 HOME.
    Now I tried to use the EzBook Win10PRO license and it works! This should not be, you need normally at last phoning with MS.

    But NOW: Just for fun I tried to use the same Win10 PRO license on the EzBook too, and it WORKS!

    So I have activated two Notebooks with Win 10 Pro from the same licence. This should not be possible.

    Maybe I test to restet my EzBook again and try the update via the MS Store…






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    just pay for a second license and you are good
    Microsoft trusts you to do the right thing.
    Tell cortana to ask siri it should connect with the amazon echo dot to order the license.

    piece of cake


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