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HDD upgrade

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    @pipo I’m afraid this won’t work. The chip in this laptop only supports SATA storage.

    Plus, on a machine of this size/specification, NVMe wouldn’t bring you any real speed benefit anyway. There is no application you could run that could make use of more-than SATA speeds (6Gb/s – 550MB/s) on this hardware, besides benchmarking.

    The magical spark of NVMe — the bit that makes it faster in day-to-day use — is its much lower latency compared to SATA storage. This is achieved by skipping the SATA controller/bus altogether and having the CPU directly access the storage by PCI-E. You can achieve a more speedy performance on the F6 Pro if you wish, by purchasing another SSD that has DRAM cache onboard. SSDs with DRAM cache will perform order of magnitude better than those without, because the filesystem map/table can be kept in the cache which makes reads 2x-3x faster. Most cheap SSDs are DRAM-less, but I’m sure somebody sells one with DRAM.


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    look at the bios, the item exist and i can’t sure it’s functional,  tell me please, if it’s possible.

    Your answer is just but i want to explore all possibilities of this notebook, my pride is make the max with the min.

    I hope that Chinese win with our products offer a max possibility with a price minimum.



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    @pipo No, this laptop DOES NOT support NVMe. The M.2 slot is connected to the SATA storage controller – you cannot magically retrack it to the PCIe controller for NVMe.

    If you’d like to buy an NVMe SSD and try it, be my guest, but don’t come running back here to tell us it doesn’t work when we already know.


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    @pipo Olly is right, it most defiantly will not work the NVMe, just because there is that option in the bios. Doesn’t mean the hardware is there. Also, it will not even plug-in. The connector is ever so slightly different.

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