I hate this Laptop.. sorry it's just not working

I hate this Laptop.. sorry it's just not working

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    Jawhar Aslan
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    Honestly i’m sorry, i know a lot of you are trying to make the best out of this laptop but for me it’s just annoying as hell and time consuming as hell and it doesn’t work out. For the pice you are making comprimises from the start and that is allright as it is in the calculation. But Problems just keep adding up afterwards and they make this purchase not worth it at all. Sure the build is nice (even though the hinge going only that far is annoying me personally) and the Screen looks great. The battery is ok and the audiojack is surprisingly very very good with noticable improvements to my previous laptop i had.


    But that doesn’t make a well rounded product. The repeattime of the keyboard (doing longpess) is ridiculous, altough i admit i didn’t had the time to go though the thread that apperently may fix it because i was stuck with the even more annoying touchpad. I tried everything but this thing on my supposevly improved version (4 or something) is really annoying to use on fine movements. If you move and stop you can see the cursor continuing to move a bit and that makes it always go beyond the goal… it’s like the cursor is on ice… really frustrating and i’ve tried every possible fix in the mouse fix thread. I reinstalled Windows 10 and tried to instal every kind of driver. The fact allone that there is no actual official website with all the drivers is a joke. You have to invest hours to find the hopefully right drivers only to see no improvement. The freaking time alone spend tinkering with this mashine is worth much more than what you might have safed buying this laptop. Now my touchpad is as bad as always and i can’t even see a touchpad device in the device manager, all it says is HID-compliant mouse, also i have no touchpad options anywhere only the normal mouse options… and some drivers have problems but fixing them is simply not possible without investing probably another 24 hours into this or even more.


    My Ezbook 3 Pro even sometimes just shuts down instantly… you hear a little “pop” and it’s off… short circuited or something…

    The touchpad is the only controlling device it HAS to be good or at least be average but this is the worst i’ve ever used. Even hitting hughe icons etc. causes me stress. A laptop has to be well rounded. I think there are way better options in the second hand market. I didn’t look into that enough before purchasing this. You can get quite good deals on ebay allone. And of couse there are also chromebooks if you need something minimalistic. There even a new one will be competible pricewise and they all usale way better rounded up. Better touchpads, better speakers, better batterylife. And some also have full-hd ips matte display like the Acer Chromebook 14, altough i have to admit that this screen rocks harder. But i’m not sure if it’s even faster than a chromebook with only 4GB and a weaker CPU. But overall it’s not competible and not worth the pain. Buy something used. I hope other users have a better experience than i do.

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    Very well said. These are my experiences and opinions as well with Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro.

    I only bought this laptop on Chris’ recommendation and I regret it! The only thing this laptop has going for it is the screen to be honest, but even that has horrible back light leak issues. Everything else is subpar in functionality given the refurbished market (my experience with refurb has been excellent) even for the price. I paid around $270 USD and that was cheapest price for me and I just stare at people when they say they want this laptop.

    I get the annoying shutdowns too. There is a pop and boom – it’s off. How lame. And don’t get me started about the some keyboard rows not working in combination with other control keys. The poorly thought out power adapter gets you started when you open the package. The mic will make you shout at your loved ones because they couldn’t hear you otherwise.

    Wouldv’e been better off with saving the money and buying a decently designed one. Oh well, can’t return it without a ton of hassle and lost money. Was a bit surprised Chris didn’t cover many deal breaker aspects in later impression videos when he has had the time to use it more. Maybe he gets the quality assured and thoroughly tested products from these vendors.

    I do have to thank you, Chris, for making the drivers available for us though. Much appreciated on that front.

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    Well I have bought 3 jumpers .. V1,v3 and v4… V1 had really bad touchpad, i agree, I had to use mouse with it,  also no m.2 slot…. .  All  three models have some minor backlight bleeding, but its almost not noticable.  The keyboard lag on v4 is for me not a deal braker. I use jumper mostly  for movies and web browsing.  Wifi is also not that good, maybe if you reposition the antena it works better? Charging cable is way too short, but the battery life of jumper is soo good that you can use it almost all day and charge it at night (like a smart phone). The speakers at default are average or even below that, BUT when you apply +16 or 20 Db boost in app like Equalizer APO they became more than usable .. try it, the difference is night and day (than try youtube in IE,  edge doesnt seem to use APO settings)…

    So in the end you do make a lot of (small?) compromises, but for that crazy low price… I got v4 for 150€ new from LITB after cashback, including shipping and taxes. 150€ – that for me is money that I usualy spend on tablet or a chinese phone.  But for this money  I still get a nice screen, great battery life, its light and has a nice metal build. You just cant be too picky for that price.  Maybe its not ideal  as primary laptop, but for traveling, browsing and media consumption its great! Also didnt have any problems with shutdowns – are they totaly random or under load?

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    You get what you pay for.


    I pauid about 200 dollars for it and is very happy. The only problem that I do have is the coil whine from the screen, but I almost never hear it.

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    Did you try the Synaptic drivers?


    Jawhar Aslan
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    The thing is I don’t want to particularly blame Chris, he made this beautiful site, made relatively good videos and gave a good overview over what’s to be expected. But I believe he might have missed some negative sites of the laptop that need to be considered and known to make a good choice. The TouchPad can not ever be called “good” in any way just because it is a “precision TouchPad”. I personally never ever had a worse touchpad. That’s not to say there aren’t worse ones around (some may play crazy or stop working i dunno) but that again doesn’t mean it’s “okay”. It makes it a stresstest every time and it’s the only way of interacting with the laptop as there is no touchscreen nor trackpoint (not that it would make it much better, i’d still prefer a good touchpad). And i don’t really think it’s that smart of a choice, given that there are even other problems like that occasinal short circuiting. That’s a complete failure point. Other things are okay i’m not saying you can’t cope with bad speakers, keyboardproblems and almost unnoticable coilwhine (on mine it is). That’s all good, but what makes it completly unusable is the stressprovoking touchpad that makes working on it slow as hell and the missing support. Also the short circuit like i said, the other problems are just the icing on it. I say it’s only worth the stress if you definetly need Windows and are ok with with only getting a good screen (i never noticed any lightbleed or anything on mine).


    But i say, since it’s important (to me) that there are definetly better options in the used market (unless screen + batterylife are your main (and only) concerns. But than again, that you can get out of a chromebook too. They will have better touchpads (working ones, with nice gestures like swiping 3 fingers will change tabs) an even longer battery life and for the most part better speakers. Plus they will even perform equaly even with the weaker hardware. I say it’s better. Only if you want that screen & battery life no matter what AND you cannot live without windows (or with chrome os which also brings android and linux if you demand so (via crouton)) than it is still okay, since yes i know the price really is good..


    But after all that stress and fighting i say if you don’t know what to do and what to invest in but want something good in the end, i say do not even bother with this one. UNLESS (and that is the sole reason why i am writing this thread) you are prepared at what’s coming to you. The short circuit problem i do not face that often and the touchpad can simply be left alone and be accepted as being very bad. Than there will be no stress for you. I just want you to know what you’re getting.


    Mine i will sell. It still overs something for the price of course but i am still unhappy with a purchase like this. Is all i wanna say.

    Jawhar Aslan
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    <p class=” noBgColor”>Did you try the Synaptic drivers?</p>
    <p class=” noBgColor”>



    No i don’t think i got that working. Wherever i click for a download to that (no matter the site) they all link to synaptics official site. And there i find a bunch of videos, some pdf documents and under drivers this beautiful text:

    <h1 class=”title”>TouchPad Driver Support</h1>

    Synaptics’ TouchPad device drivers are customized and supported by notebook manufacturers to meet specific driver requirements for their individual products. To ensure the appropriate driver for your device, always use the driver your specific notebook OEM supports.

    Installing a generic driver or other driver may result in the loss of OEM-customized functionality and other issues. We recommend you set a restore point before installing any driver to ensure potential need to roll back to the previous driver.

    NOTE: Before upgrading to Windows 10, first check with your notebook manufacturer for compatibility, then use your device’s Windows update function to ensure you get the correct driver for your hardware.

    To provide comments, please complete the <u>TouchPad Feedback form</u>.

    Ok, nice… but no download link.

    Prior my Windows 10 installation i think i had everything set up though. There where at least some touchpad options. But the touchpad in and on itself wasn’t any better… sadly.

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    When did you receive your laptop? I have a V4 from the first batch and have no problems like you have described. Sounds to me like the latest batches are not up to the standard of the others produced.

    Honestly, I use mine to remote through to my desktop for Lightroom work and have no issues with the touchpad (I installed the Synaptics drivers when I first got it, just to be sure).

    Equally I have no keyboard issues and no random shut downs. I suspect this is why Chris recommends this model – it WAS good until recently, by the sound of things.

    Really sorry yours hasn’t worked out 🙁

    Jawhar Aslan
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    I ordered mine 16. of October and it arrived i dunno 3 weeks later or something. V4 also i suppose so the bios was locked again but i havea fast uhm … what was is… Sandisk emmc i think and of course the ssd access. Touchpad has a bit of a rough texture to it. How are you all installing Synaptics drivers? I cannot find anything working in that regard. I don’t think it’s gonna be better but just wondering how i can be so blind…


    What i though might be cool is that “airbar” that you can find on amazon. It makes a touchscreen out of your laptop and since it is metallic it will stick on it without the usally nessesary magnets. Just a thought that might interest some but well.. 😛

    Chris G
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    It seems these laptops have changed I still use and have my first batch V4 and I have no issues at all with it. No keyboard issues and no powering off etc. I review what I have (v4 first batch) and that review is based on that which for a price is a great machine for what it offers. I haven’t bought the latest batches  so I’ve not experienced these issues first hand.

    It’s a common issue. After my review they often make changes some good, some bad. I also get comments like my fingerprint reader is fine, my screen is bright and you said it was dull etc. As the MFG’s fix and change things, but also introduce new issues.

    If I do get the latest EZbook 3 Pro v4 batch (I have no plans to buy another) then I would post an update if it’s now terrible.

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    This notebook its good. I think the quality control its bad. So there is many pcs defectives.

    Mine its working great, but not sure if I reccomend after so many faulty pcs.

    Jawhar Aslan
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    Yes i’m not blaming you, i think your reviews are just helpfull, everything else is up to good or bad luck but having said that it’s weird for them to be so inconsistent. I’m just glad if i can add to the overall image of them i mean it’s negative but still realistic and some might be very happy with it, at least you should know what might happen. I mean if you can take the risk of having a bad touchpad, slight keyboardproblems and hickups like occassional shutdowns you’ll still be happy as it won’t be so easy to find a windows laptop with such a good screen and battery life for that price anywhere else. I think maybe some chromebooks at that price point (maybe used) might do a better alrounder job but it’s a more or less close match and if you prefer the way better screen and good audiojack + metal build of it and can life with the touchpad or simply prefer / need windows than this is the route to go i guess…

    I see the Chuwi Lapbook 12,3 has a better user rating, might be worth considering. Altough you said that for you the touchpad on it even worse 😉 but maybe it’s not as bad as the bad version of this Notebook ^^ Who knows… life’s a gamble eh 🙂




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    From mid September they sent ones with Samsung and Sandisk eMMC’s and no bios access to change the power settings, maybe call them V4s.

    These seem to be the ones with the keyboard issues. What we don’t know is if they have changed things again in the past few weeks.

    Jawhar Aslan
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    Maybe they changed the touchpad too, maybe they just take what they got in stock lol, cause when i try to install synaptics drivers it says there is non. Dunno if that says anything tough…

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    That’s why I decided not to buy Jumper or Chuwi a month ago…

    I was between Ezbook 3 Pro, Ezbook 3S and Lapbook Air.

    After reading so many comments here and chuwi’s forum, I realized it’s a $300 gamble! The funny thing is for that amount, we can’t really expect quality control! Just try to imagine the manufacturing of this products in China…

    And right now I was just about the make the payment for a $289 Ezbook 3S at Banggood and I decided to come back here again to see newer comments and got to the same conclusion: $300 gamble! Better not!

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