Install fresh windows 10 – the right way?

Install fresh windows 10 – the right way?

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    •  Hello everybody!
      I expekt that my ezbook 3 pro v4 will arrive from china next week so i have some questions.
      Im going go install a ssd directly. Is this the right way to do it?1. Install the ssd.
      2. In disk management format the ssd and partion the disk to mbr or gpt. I think gpt will be best.
      3. Make a startup USB with windows media creation tool.
      4. Check and change bootorder in bios.
      5. Boot up with usb memory and install a fresh copy of windows 10 on the ssd.
    • 6. Change bootorder so my ssd is number one.
    • Is there something i missed or i should do Else?
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    I’m not sure that this method would still work with the latest bios

    Chris G
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    Yes, that is the order of things.

    Maybe one thing you forgot, drivers to restore using doubledrvier after you boot into windows. Drivers are here (V3 and V4 drivers are the same)

    I also recommend running the intel driver assistant and updating to the latest Wireless AC, BT and Intel GFX drivers.

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    Ok, thanks!

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    what about the w10 product key? is it on the mother board? so when installing w10 on ssd it wouldn’t even ask for it? is it possible to have two diffrent w10 installation one on ssd and the other on emmc, with the same prduct key?

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    Yes no problem.

    Only advice, if you install fresh windows in ssd without clean emmc before. The efi bootloader remains in emmc.

    So if you format emmc later, system wont boot.

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    Juan, how do you wipe the eMMC and put the bootloader on the SSD with windows?

    I have win10 on both at the moment, if I now wipe the emmc whilst I am using the win10 on the ssd, then when I restart the laptop, use a usb media creation and reinstall win10 on the ssd, will that then put the bootloader on the ssd?

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    Yes. I think you can repare boot loader without re install windows10. But not sure how to.

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    I have a Jumper Ezbook 3 V4 and just installed on the eMMC memory a new copy of windows 10 (due to some issue that I had with crashing updates) that I got from microsoft site but I have some issues with my adata pro sp900 SSD. When I copy a video around 2Gb from eMMC to SSD i get decent speed but when doing a copy from SSD to eMMC or to a usb flash drive (3.0 and 2.0 tested) I get a starting speed of 1,3 Mbs then drops to 0 bytes.

    Also tried to run the video from SSD and sometimes it doesn’t even start.

    I’ve installed the drivers that windows couldn’t find from the downloads section in the site. SSD has only one partition.

    Any help would be really appreciated.



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    #75584REPLY | QUOTE

    If you wipe the emmc during the pre-installation  ( where you can format drives ) of windows 10 on the ssd. does the it prevent this from happening and put

    the bootloader on the ssd?

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    Hi guys,

    i’ve been loosing 2 entire day on make my ezbook pro 3 (6gb ram version) working. i loved when it arrived and i cloned the emmc to a ssd transcedn mts420s using transcend scope (their own software).

    the nightmare begun. bios wasn’t seeing my ssd but than suddenly it did after 3-4 restards. thus i changed the boot order, it started up and all was good. so i decided to format my emmc drive. since than Win10 bootloader is not working. i have done a fresh installation of Win10 already 3 times, i can’t make it working. I have tried installing Kubuntu (yesterday) on the emmc and it works perfectly.

    i have try the bootrec commands found online and nothing.

    any suggestion? i don’t have any data on the computer so i’m ok in starting from a fresh install. i can provide more details if needed.


    thanks for your help

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    use rufus, delete all 4 partitions when asked on what partition to install until only one with no data is left. let windows create all partitions new, install.

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