Is it *possible* to change the battery ?

Is it *possible* to change the battery ?

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    I just received my i35, very nice, but from the first start, I have the ‘no battery is detected’ message.

    Now I must decide about my options, if going for a refund, a replace, or attempting to fix by myself, and isn’t easy at all, given the price I paid, balanced for the shipping to Spain and relative delays.

    So far, I have only found a comment (on this forum) saying the ‘battery is sealed’. Should I assume then I cannot change the battery by myself?

    Thanks for any hint



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    didn’t you watched the videos on youtube?

    Didn’t you see the thermal mods ?

    First step there is always to take the battery power plug out of the board so why shouldn’t you be able to change battery?

    Should be done easier than a thermal mod.

    Good luck - WOLF


    Kyle Battle
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    I had the same problem and only recently found a replacement battery for my Thinker. You can search for it on Aliexpress using the search terms:

    5000mAh Battery for ALLDOCUBE Cube Thinker Tablet PC Kubi Li-Po

    Replacing the battery is very easy. The original OEM battery body is held in place by screws so it’s easy to remove. Disconnecting the power cable is also very easy, just use your fingernails to gently wiggle it out. Putting the new battery in place is simple, it’s held there with black tape that the seller gives you. So yes, you can replace the battery.


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    My battery died too. I then bought one of those aliexpress replacement batteries. And it was indeed very easy to replace the old one, at least after unscrewing all those little screws that hold the metall bottom of the notebook (20? or so). The new one has some 50.000 mWh and a running time of  3 hours 45 min according to BatteryBar v.3.6.6 (I did not test out whether the new one really runs that long as my notebook is normally in use only indoors).

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