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    Hi all!

    I have a question/want your advise for a laptop.

    The intention is to use it for render mostly 1080p 60fps lyric videos.

    Render times not so important though. I use Sony Vegas, and use png images, then i mostly use text boxes.

    Do you think an Ezbook 3 Pro would handle it? (with all customizations)

    (((Wait for the Gemini Lake generation? Or should I look forward for an i5/i7?)))


    Thanks all



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    When I tested the jumper 3 rendering in handbrake at fast setting a 1080p file, the frame rate was around 6fps. This was done with a thermal mod to run at full 2100MHz the full time. Without thermal mod you are looking at good 4fps.
    BUT it all depends on your settings, I can render in x265 and a good quality setting at around 1fps.


    Chris G
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    Painfully slow render times. Video editing I recommend at least a Core M3, even then it’s slow. You really want something Core i5. But yet it can be done if you have a lot of patience.

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    Thank you Chupa and Chris.

    I think I’ll look into a Xiaomi Notebook Pro, it’s now for 750€ shipped to Portugal.

    I think I’ll be ok for my needs.

    Thanks again.


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