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    Living in Spain, but speaking English and with an English keyboard is a bit complicated, especially if you want to wrire once a while in German and missing the double dots on u,o and a. With a Spanish keyboard there is a key where you put the double dots up in the air and then type the a, o or u and there it is your umlaut. Also the Spanish are quite fickle about the wave above the n or not.

    The simple solution is keyboard stickers for your language. For some reason the Spanish ones are done in bold while German and French are in normal, and looking like the keyboard. Also the num lock number keys will be erased if you put the stickers on.

    For my first test I cut of parts from the right corner on 7 to 0, on . and – and also on the N with the wave (speak: Enje). I also left the main keyboard untouched. Since the left shift is double size ther is no space for alt 60 and alt 62 <>.
    But there is space on 7 to 0 and I might relocate them there or with the 2 questionmarks.

    The keyboard was cleaned  with rubbing alcohol to remove the oil from the fingers and then a pair of tweezers was used to put the sticker in the upper left corner.
    Then add a spanish keyboard to the english language, move it up and delete the english keyboard.


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    I did this on mine, too

    But in German

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