Lapbook SE: Gearbest delay

Lapbook SE: Gearbest delay

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    Do you mean the Teclast F7 Plus? It seems very good, but I acually got the $200 Jumper Ezbook 3 pro insted.

    It has an older n3450 with 6gb ram. But as info on this site I run it with cooling mod and no power limit and Im very happy with it.

    It also runs a Samsung 250gb ssd and Linux Mint xfce its very well fast enough.

    Use it as travell computer, mostly for x265 1080p movies and series.

    giulio ciacchini
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    Good evening, I bought teclast f7 few months ago. It worked fine, until something happend and now it freezes out of the blue whenever it is plugged in charge. I have noticed that this is a common issue among the users of teclast f7. I have searched on the web and I have found several ways to solve the issue, however none of them worked for me. Since it is a widespread problem, Do anyone know the right way to solve the issue?


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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