Lapbook SE – how to remove the touchpad

Lapbook SE – how to remove the touchpad

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    Hi everybody,

    It’s my mistake, I spilled the coffee on my lapbook SE while using it, and the coffee (hot, densed, with milk) now end up in the inner space below the touchpad. Now I can not click anymore, just gesture on the surface of touchpad.

    Is it possible to open the touchpad to clean it up? Anybody know how, please advise me ­čÖü

    Thank you.

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    Chris G
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    HI, that’s not good!

    Okay, you can remove all the screws on the bottom. Two hidden under the rubber feet at the back. Then remove the rear metal lid. See my unboxing video.

    Unplug the battery and remove it, the touchpad is behind it. Use a contact cleaner spray to clean it up with paper towels. There is a video here in fact two of them that might help. The unboxing video shows the internals and the heatsink mod video where to unplug the battery. This might reset the bios. But best to do it anyway to stop shorts as the touchpad could be the last of your worries if you short something.

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    I openned the laptop and removed the battery, it seems we can not reach the touchpad without breaking the lapbook into pieces.

    I gave up, damn it’s very fine laptop.

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    you could try to rinse the pad with cleaning alcohol but if it is just the clicks…

    • you can use just one and 2 finger taps
    • you can reassign an unused or seldom used key via AutoHotkey┬á to use as a physical mouse button (use shift for right click)

    I always do this when the track pad buttons no longer work properly since several years.

    I even have done that with my Jumper just to have a more precise click without mouse movement.
    It looks something like this:

    ; this is for a american apple style keyboard with spanish  keyboard stickers
    ; maps the key next to the 1 as the left mouse button, with shift it is the right mouse button
    ; with a normal Spanish keyboard I use the < and > keys
    ^┬║::Send ┬║

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