Linx 14 Ultra Slim £199 bargain (Teclast F7 clone)

Linx 14 Ultra Slim £199 bargain (Teclast F7 clone)

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    Tesco have their Linx 14 US on sale for £199 this week.  I picked one up yesterday.

    It is on the same chassis as the Teclast F7.

    While it looks like a Teclast F7, it isn’t a 100% clone.

    Pentium N4200.  4GB RAM  64GB eMMC.   Mine has a SanDisk DF4064.  The BIOS was already set for HS400.

    There are magnets in the chassis to hold the lid shut.   The Teclast doesn’t have them.

    Like the Teclast, there  is a second location for an M.2 2460  but the case isn’t really set up for it.    A 2460 will fit but there would not be a way to screw down the SSD hatch.

    I’ve ordered a 2242 card for mine.  Should be here in a few days.


    This is still Apollo lake but should be faster than the N3450.



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    As you can tell from the photo, the heatsink might not be as good as the F7.   That is too bad since this computer has an N4200.


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    How are you finding it? I’ve read that the touchpad is a bit naff and the screen is a TN panel compared with the IPS screen on the Teclast?

    Amazing price either way given that it’s available in the UK.

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    Thanks for the update, great it has a N4200. But they used an alloy heatsink and not copper. So not as good. And no precision touchpad or IPS. What shame.

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    2 days in…    I’m not a fan of the touchpad.      I’ve been using an external mouse when I can.

    Netflix and youtube work.  I installed Office and that is working fine.  Outlook launches quickly.

    I installed Hearthstone and it plays smoothly.  I lost a few games because of the terrible trackpad.

    The display looks ok to me.   How can I check if it is IPS or not?

    I might mod the heatsink if I notice thermal limiting.

    £199 is a very competitive price.  That is the ‘out the door’ price including tax.   Tesco have a 30 day no questions asked returns policy.

    No worrying about returns,  import taxes and fees, or lost shipments.   I’ve had one order get lost on the way from China.


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    Playing with Ubuntu this evening.    17.04 and 17.10  install images do not boot.

    Today’s 18.04 beta boots.   Everything works except the WiFi.

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    Day 3:

    The touchpad is pure evil.   I’m going to disable it.  I use a mouse all the time now.  The keyboard is not very good.  It isn’t terrible either.

    TN display confirmed.

    No problems with cooling they way I use the machine.  I’m seeing core temperatures in the mid 30s.

    I installed the 4 April 2018 build of Ubuntu 18.04 beta on a budget M.2 SSD card.   That went smoothly.  The card just worked.  No BIOS issues at all.    18.04 installed easily. The computer now dual boots Windows and Ubuntu

    The internal WiFi does not work with Ubuntu.   The Realtek RTL8723B driver is not included with Ubuntu.   There is a driver that is known to work though.

    I tried cloning the source code for the driver but it doesn’t install.  The current code doesn’t appear to be compatible with 18.04.

    I doubt this is going to work anytime soon.   Even if it does work this is going to be a pain to use.  I’d have to recompile the driver on every kernel update.

    I’ve posted on ubuntu forums.   Maybe someone there can help.







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    try a simple micro wifi usb stick

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