New drivers for v919 core M 28/01/2016

New drivers for v919 core M 28/01/2016

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    Thanks for info šŸ™‚

    Just a quick advice @mrdasher @chris, according to you which is better

    a data


    Many thanks



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    Hi guys,

    Finally I bought a new ssd. Could you please give me some advice in disassemblingĀ  the tablet? the new ssd will be blankĀ  so do I need to copy any partition (efi partition?!) from the old driver or I can make a fresh install on the new driver directly?

    Please help me I want to void to make any mistake @chris @mrdasher

    Many thanks in advace

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    Hi, if there is one thing about Onda is that their cases are usually easy to open – which I don’t know is a good thing. :0)

    Just gently unscrew the 4 (?) screws under the white cover at the top. Put these screws in a safe place because they’re small and easy to loose. You then need to find a section where you can find that you can separate (slightly lift) the back from the tablet body. I think I was able to do this near the sd/sim slots under the white cover. Ā Using a thin piece of plastic such as an credit card or guitar pick gently insert it in the slight opening and start to slide it along the seam of the tablet. Go slow and don’t go too deep with the thin piece of plastic because you might sever wires inside the tablet. When you open the tablet the on / volume buttons might come off because they aren’t attached to the body of the tablet. I put a small piece of tape between the volume up and down buttons to hold it in place when I reattached the back. Installing the new drive is easy. As a precaution I would disconnect the battery.

    I havent tried cloning the o/s on Ā these tablets. When it comes to new hard drives I usually do a new install because of the increased size of the new drive. Ā If you new install remember that Android must be installed first also if you’re using the Onda install of Windows chances are it’s a hacked version which means a new install of Windows will loose activation. I guess you could make a Windows backup using the Windows backup function and restore it after you install Android but I am not sure if you would be able to adjust the partition size.

    Let me know how you make out.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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