Onbook 11 Pro / Xiaoma 11 SSD Install

Onbook 11 Pro / Xiaoma 11 SSD Install

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    Official Onda drivers are available here:


    The relevant install command in the install.cmd is as follows:

    @echo off
    set foldername=tp
    cd %foldername%
    if EXIST c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\L511_64bit_GSL3692_portrait_15322Activepen125k4500_landscape_GG_FC116J033_punaier_20161123.h Del /q c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\SileadTouch.fw
    xcopy L511_64bit_GSL3692_portrait_15322Activepen125k4500_landscape_GG_FC116J033_punaier_20161123.h c:\Windows\System32\Drivers /fy
    devcon.exe rescan
    devcon.exe update “SileadTouch.inf” “ACPI\MSSL1680”
    devcon.exe rescan
    cd ..

    Given that I don’t know the official origin of any of the drivers, I’d recommend just doing the tp drivers by themselves rather than the whole script

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    Hey there, I’ve lurked this blog since a while and decided to buy a 11 pro, just arrived but I want to do a clean format and valuate this during holidays before buy a new ssd ( not sure if I will really use that, lol ), there’s an how-to somewhere? Can’t find how to access bios. It’s like format a normal computer except I’ve to dump drivers, right?
    Thanks for replies

    nevermind, esc will enter the bios, windows update recognized everything except touch, installed only touch driver and all works well 🙂

    tung thanh
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    Anyone have problem with heat of tablet. I just watch youtube and  got 60 degree. highest is 90 degree.
    anyone try to heatsink mod ?

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    Can you help me by posting the Original image of windows 10?!


    After a fresh win 10 version 1809 (october version) the touch section dont work normal. The touch sometimes freezes or dont react at all. Using the pencil function on a page the lines are not fluent and at screen bottom a block is missing. Opened the unit and reseated the flat cables to the screen but still not good.

    Yes I did the drivers, but hope you can make a full backup of a original obook 11 pro.


    Look forward,





Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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