Overclocking after thermal mod

Overclocking after thermal mod

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    so i just reopened the new tablet, replaced the 0,5 mm plate between the cpu and the original heatsink with a 0,8mm one and the 0,5mm one between the heatsink and the big copper plate to 0,7mm, the cooling is slightly better, but still not as good as the first mod i did on the first tablet, still occt can only run good 4 minutes before it reaches 87 degrees, while the old one still can do almost 6 minutes. im not sure where this comes from, as now the new one has almost 2 times the copper in it as the old one (still without the screen getting bent).

    The microprocessors are not 100% identical. Each microprocessor could be overcklocked with different results, even if they are te same. One of them has better thermal characteristics, thats all. It is also possible that the first copper plate do a better contact with the microprocessor or even you have applied the thermal paste you are using in a better manner. There are a lot of small things which all together could perform a really different behaviour.

    Yeah i  know that, but i find it weird, cuz the second SoC can work at lower voltages, which would imply that it should heat up less. Naturally my thermal paste is rather old and suboptimal, probably with new paste i could get even more out of it. but i think its ok. i can set it to 22W TDP and play at least lol with medium settings without fps drops.

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    I did the thermal mod for the Cube Mix and also set the above mentioned 22.5W limits with the -70mV offset (though not sure that I did correctly) Checking with OCCT Processor gets 90C within a minute and than processor throttling happens. Why isnt the laptop is kept arount 85C and goes down to 70C. Can this be set in BIOS somehow? Any idea what went wrong. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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