problem windows reinstall

problem windows reinstall

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    UPDATE ,i installed W8.1 with my cd then i installed the UPDATE w10 downloading the tool in the website of microsoft , succeed to install drivers one by one and everything work well , then i got kmspico who make like i have a license .

    hi i tried with a software to transfer windows to an ssd i bougth and added to my fresh new received ezbook 3L pro and the software deleted everything in the memory so bye bye windows !…then i installed windows 8.1 because i have a cd from my computer . but some big problem , the touchpad doesnt work att all , the button to switch brightness do nothing , even when i go to setting to low the brightness nothing change ect

    so a lot of drivers missing , i founded on this website drivers for ezbook 3pro (i have 3L pro) but i did not succeed to install , because there are not like .exe files . neeeeed help please thank you


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    only win 10 and linux works with your jumper

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