Random black screens

Random black screens

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    Thomas Read
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    I don’t know if anybody else has been having this issue, but ever since the anniversary update, my screen would randomly go black, then turn off and then the screen would come back on and everything would load like the graphics drivers just crashed. With the cursor appearing first and then everything else loading in, with all the programs initially appearing white and then going back to normal. So far I have tried installing old graphics drivers, new ones, beta ones, i’ve tried checking my ram for issues, the ssd for issues and my sd card for issues. I would rather not go down the route of reinstalling windows because from what I’ve read on this forum, it seems like something that messing up is rather easy. I have also run an Intel diagnosis on my PC, which didn’t find any hardware issues.


    Any advice is appreciated.


    Andrew Birch
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    Pretty sure it’s a graphics driver crash, mine is doing it too sometimes with web browsing. It comes back within a second or two so it hasn’t bothered me too much.





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    have you tried to install the latest graphic driver?

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    I have the same problem.

    I have used the Intel Driver Update Utility.

    There are two versions of drivers:

    • for windows 10 64 bit (N-Series) – installed x.x.x.4501 – latest version x.x.x.x.4256
    • for Windows 10 and Windows 7/8 (15.40) – installed x.x.x.4501 – latest version x.x.x.4501

    I am not sure what the N-Series driver is, so I did not install that. I did update to the 4501 version of the other driver


    1. What is the N-series driver (there already seems to be one installed) and should I update it?
    2. Is there a system log that will shed any light on these crashes?
    3. Could this be a memory issue?



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    Extra information:

    I tried downloading and installing that n-series driver, but during installation it told me I was already using a newer driver, so I cancelled the installation.


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    Though I broke off the installation of the n-series driver, it does show as installed now in my Intel Driver Update Utility.

    Now it does say though that I should update the graphics driver for Windows 10, 7 and 8.1 (15.40).

    Did not change anything.


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    I have the same problem since the anniversary update, but only while browsing with Opera.



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    Hmm… might be onto something here. Tried it, so far so good!



    Any advice about the (n-series or not) drivers is still appreciated.


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    So, i was have your problem. And when I update driver of here :


    with Double Driver for backup and restore your driver 🙂

    It is working correct, but some time, blackscreen is comeback, but you can press space button, your display is turn on again 🙂

    But now, i was restore win 10 stock and disable update windows to Anniversary version, because i think it very lag and delay so long time 🙂

    I think, we need some time for cube update driver for it. And when update to win 10 anniversary, i see storage is full. And opera is best browser for cube iwork 10


    Thomas Read
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    The solution Theo posted has been working for me for the last two days, with heavy chrome use which is when the black screens happened for me. So anybody looking for a solution should definitely see if that works for you 🙂

    Day 2 – Had two crashes 🙁


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    It seemed to work for a while, but using MS Word I had exactly the same thing again. So no final fix, but might work for some, which is weird actually.


    S K
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    Did anyone ever find a fix to this issue? I’m having it at well on and off. Also my intel display driver won’t update using that intel driver update tool. The little dots creep across the screen like the driver update is working but it always goes right back to no dots (and creeps back up again) over and over in a cycle.


    Andrew Birch
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    I take back what i said about it not bothering me. It’s rather annoying. I have also tried the latest intel beta drivers as it is more up to date than the intel update tool drivers. Still does it though. seems different to a normal GFX card crash though you normally get a pop up telling you the driver had crashed but now recovered. This has no pop up at all.


    Edit: Looking at the event log this must be the error code: “Display driver igfxLP stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”


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    In my case it seems like an 64-bit Chrome-browser with its hardware-acceleration activated. I have Chrome start in the background (because of the hangouts-app) so also random black-screens working with other apps.

    So far, If I turn off hardware-acceleration or use the 32-bit Chrome, no more black screens (fingers crossed).


    Hans Sprungfeld
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    Never had this issue, the dropbox file above is mine btw. Most people having this problem mostly never did a clean install, or updated their drivers properly. Just do a clean Windows 10 install, use double driver and install the zip, then also install newest 4501 intel hd drivers. You dont need N drivers, which is just wrongly displayed.

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