Resize android partition the easy way ! for X98 serie !

Resize android partition the easy way ! for X98 serie !

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    Hello. Something strange happened during the flash procedure. It stopped at 81% and the bar was red! And my Pc windows gave me a message with fastboot error!!! You know what that means…a bricked device. But for another strang reason i powered on my tablet and after 3 minutes stucked on teclast logo it booted normally. Until now everything is working just great.Camera back and front are ok,OTG ok, touch is better than before, wifi super speedy and away a lot from my router. So i guess i made it.

    Was that normal? Did you have also a red bar and never reach the 100%???

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    I didn’t have a problem with errors using fastboot.

    I used Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

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    Does anyone know if I can use one of these gpt.bin files to flash a ROM on a Chuwi Hi10 plus?


    Thank you!

    Francois-Xavier Boulé
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    Hi, every one, do you know if  these gpt.bin files are compatible with the teclast x16 power?

    I would like to shrink android size to leave more for windows


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    Worked on Chuwi Hi10 Dualboot. Resized it from 10GB to 16GB ROM.

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    Hi, Your rom is deleted by mega 🙁 Can you reup it ? Thx

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    Did you use the custom rom to resize the Hi10 ?

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    I know it is an old thread, but hopefully someone will respond me. I try to increase Android partition to 16G and I replaced gpt.bin with gpt_16g.bin. I tried the procedure twice: first time in phone flash tool I use “flash-no-erase-all.json and recover” and second time “flash-no-erase-all.json and blank”.

    First time file manager was behaving like the partition is not expanded and showed almost all space to be filled with apps and system data and only 300Mb free space and I had issues with downloading large files. At the same time DiskUsage app showed 9.72Gb storage space with 3Gb used for apps and 6Gb free space, but system data was shown incorrectly as only 600-700Mb.

    Second time file manager is behaving same as DiskUsage app and shows 3Gb for apps and 6Gb free space with only small amount of space used for system data. I believe that this way I can download files and install apps, since file manager shows a lot of free space, but is there no way for storage space to be shown as 16Gb and everything to be as is should be?

    Is anyone having the same issue as me?

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Hi this metod is usable with a x98 plus 2?

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