Soft keyboard for ezpad 6 pro.

Soft keyboard for ezpad 6 pro.

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    <b>hello.  I have a heavy keyboard for ezpad 6 pro.  Somebody know if a soft keyboard for ezpad 6 works with ezpad 6 pro</b>

    I open the keyboard for ezpad 6 pro and close this whitout 2 metal pieces (-70 g). And it’s stable.  But 500g for a keyboard is heavy.


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    If it has a compatible pogo connector it should work, but if you pick a random soft cover keyboard your chances that it will work are quiet low. If it has bluetooth on the other hand it should work. I’ve made a photo from the internals of the hard cover keyboard a while ago (see attachment). You could diy your usb solution if you have a multimeter, soldering iron and are willing open the original keyboard you could either recycle the old connector and try to attach it to your new keyboard or check which pins are the data/ power pins and check for compatible pogo pin soft keyboards, but I’m unsure if those even exist, maybe for jumper’s older models or the plus model?


    The pogo connector is basically just standard usb2 so if someone is interested in how the pogo pinout is to attach something else and is not willing to buy the keyboard I couls open mine and check for the pinout, just don’t expect quick repies as I’m quiet busy at the moment.

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