Have you tried the ezpad mini 3 or 4 drivers already? Maybe jumper did not alter the tochscreen between the models. I would recommend to install the drivers with the “install driver from disk” utility in device manager, see the ezpad 6 (pro) driver thread for reference.

    All tablet tochscreens with silead driver have a device specific…[Read more]

  • After installing the ssd it was not recognised under windows and I formated it inside another machine with an sata3 to m2 sata adapter as ntfs, then it was recognised by windows. Not sure what you mean by “square one”. I can share my bios settings if that could help…

    If you don’t have any machine to format the drive externally you can boot…[Read more]

  • If it has a compatible pogo connector it should work, but if you pick a random soft cover keyboard your chances that it will work are quiet low. If it has bluetooth on the other hand it should work. I’ve made a photo from the internals of the hard cover keyboard a while ago (see attachment). You could diy your usb solution if you have a…[Read more]

  • If you mean from the rubber feet then yes, mine does too. I’ve made a picture on which you can see the led hole as well as the marks from the keyboard, its only visible under a bright lamp. As the marks are only on the border of the screen it does not boader me that much.

    A more interesting thing is, that with the camera removed we’ve got one…[Read more]

  • Did you get to the menu where you see all installed versions of a driver, it’s a bit hidden in there and I don’t remember the exact submenu. But somewhere in there was the only way I found to overwrite the driver to use, even if it is called nothing like that in the menu, something like external disc drive or so if I remember corectely. So this…[Read more]

  • @wanderer777
    Windows is quiet stubborn when it comes to installing another version of the drivers, but if you have an ezpad pro a or b then the “Browse my computer” method sould be working. Just uninstalling the driver resulted in the same behavior you described.

  • On the camera module of my ezpad 6 pro the led which normaly indicates if the camera is active has beem forcefully removed with a screwdriver or alike. This seems very strange because the tablet even has a little hole next to the camera through which the led would normaly shine. The smd diode was probably on the left side of the camera, where you…[Read more]

  • What about this one?, it seems to contain the touchscreen drivers for ezpad 6.!NMMAXbaD!GnP8q1DwzZHyhRIOMZtMToVf5YUb3BLFRk-h8RVJRNI

  • Benjamin replied to the topic drivers for EZPad 6 PRO in the forum EZPad series 2 months ago

    Can you make a photo of the broken part? I don’t have seen anyone offering the hinge mechanism, but maybe you can fix it yourself, a 3d printed part or something else probably?

  • Benjamin replied to the topic drivers for EZPad 6 PRO in the forum EZPad series 2 months ago

    Thanks, yeah I almost got insane while searching for the correct firmware too. It’s frustrating to try 10 different firmwares and none of them works, just because they have two different touchscreen models. I’m working on linux support atm. Got it working with an 4.19 kernel,…[Read more]

  • That doesn’t sound good,
    first of all the backup of the tochscreen driver should contain four files and the SileadTouch.sys file is the most important one as it contains the device specific firmware. What kind of ghosting do you get? If the points appear at seemingly random locationd (in packs of four touch points) then it is most likely a…[Read more]

  • Have I understood it right? you want to reinstall windows/do a fresh install?

    If you have a working tochscreen you can backup the currently in use drivers with a windows inbuils system command by opening cmd (Command prompt) with administrative priviledged and use “DISM /online /export-driver /destination:C:pathtofolder”

    (see…[Read more]


  • By deleting the silead files you probably have disabled the wrong silead drivers which were previousely installed and active and caused malfunction of the touchscreen, but i don’t know any wdfxxxx file which has something to do with the silead driver? Could you have accidentaly deleted parts of your accelerometer driver?

    Personally I don’t use…[Read more]

  • Your tablet is probably the b version. And by installing the driver with the “have disk” option the system normaly adds this driver to the system files and selects it for use. It should not be requiered to delete the wrong other drivers, but that probably works too.

  • Then it is version b, otherwise the driver would not have worked. You can’t tell from the outside or specs, only by which drivers work or the labels on the internal touchscreen ribbon. So I will have to wait for someone with the a version 🙁 . Thanks nevertheless.

  • Nice to hear that it worked for you 🙂

    Which driver worked for you/do you own the a-version of the tablet? Because I would like to know if I found the right driver for the a version which I can’t try myself since I have the b version.

  • I would advise against copying the driver directly into system folders, that never worked for me! You can’t be sure if it actually uses your new driver if there is more than one driver installed (which is very likely if you have been experimenting with drivers for the touchscreen).

    Instead, use the device manager and select under…[Read more]

  • Benjamin posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Well, I guess nearly all mobile phones are manufactured there. So be sure to watch/read some reviews to asses the quality of the phone. The support/ warranty is normally poor, you might get a replacement if your phone is dead on arrival, but I would guess not much more. Delivery time depends if you get it directly from Hongkong / China or if you…[Read more]

  • Benjamin posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    I’m not an expert on this particular mobile, so I can’t give recommendations for this, but I remember something with missing LTE band 20.

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