Solution for Mi Drone WiFi Connection Trouble "please connect relay WiFi" error

Solution for Mi Drone WiFi Connection Trouble "please connect relay WiFi" error

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion Solution for Mi Drone WiFi Connection Trouble "please connect relay WiFi" error

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    Kris Backs
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    For anyone that had this issue, I’ve seen it elsewhere but never saw a workable solution for my phone(s). Basically on both an old Xperia Z and on an Axon 7 I could not connect to the RC component of the Mi Drone. I was able to connect with USB however.

    Simply turning off the data for the phone did the trick. Turning data back on afterwards seems to do no harm, but I’ve yet to try this while in the field… The temperatures are still a bit low for the batteries.

    I hope this helps someone.



    Roberts Leonard
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    Your article is detailed, thanks to it I solved the problem I am entangled. I will regularly follow your writers and visit this site daily. a10

    Kris Backs
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    I have learned a bit since this post and although the answer posted here does work, I don’t think it is a complete description of the problem.

    I am referring now exclusively to Android devices, although IOS may have a similar feature.

    Some phones and tablets will seek out the data connection if Wifi is sub-par. I had this happen at a hotel once when watching a streaming service. I’m sure many others have had this happen. Cost a bundle in overages, but my carrier was sympathetic and reversed the charges with a stern ‘don’t do it again’. Meaning it would be a one-time kindness.

    To find this bug they call a feature and turn it off, Android 7 has it under the Advanced Wifi menu where it is called, ‘Auto switch to mobile network’.

    Turning off data works and may still be needed with different versions of the OS where perhaps the menu option mentioned here is not available.

    I am experiencing a different connection issue now on an Acer 8 inch B1 810 running Android 4.4.4 with only 1gb Ram. Perhaps it’s time I post the question here, or on the dedicated Mi Drone forums.


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    YES dedicated Mi Drone forums is the way to go.

    here are just laptops tablets and a few phones at home – all the drones have flown somewhere else.
    my mi drone 4k is at home in the RC groups forum

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