SOLVED: 2 finger gesture scrolling under chrome too slow / small

SOLVED: 2 finger gesture scrolling under chrome too slow / small

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    The 2 finger gesture scrolling with my touchpad had been a nightmare with chrome browser regardless open tabs or RAM.

    When I tried to scroll down with the gesture the full height of the touchpad lead to a movement of half of the screen or 3/4 max.
    It was terrible – for what ever reason. I had tried all options under windows and did not gain any progress until I realised that scrolling in the windows setup worked as I wished.

    So I started searching regarding touchpad 2 finger gesture chrome scrolling and found and tried a lot of things ins chrome settings and so on.

    FINALLY I found a solution that might work on other machines than this like the EZ Book 3 Pro V6 I checked today also.

    It seems to be a google problem regarding the interpretation of microsoft precision touchpad drivers and is partly described or known by google for years but still not fixed. At least for me a simple add on fixed it at least the last few hours.

    Go to chrome webstore and search for “smoothscroll” in 1 word and choose the addon from
    or try this link

    Once installed you can set five options but for me changing the first option “step size” from 100 to 150 fixed it.
    Then enable the addon for touchpad and hit save.
    You can also save a profile and then it should be working if you keep in mind one major point.

    If you change a value here and save it then it won’t work for a page you had loaded before.
    You need to refresh each page that had been opened before the change was done.
    Simple – but important if you try to find your personal “chrome 2 finger gesture scrolling speed”.

    Simply always
    * make your smoothscroll option change
    * update tab / page
    * try new results of gesture scrolling

    Suffered 9 month under this crazy behaviour and the 2 years before on EZBOOK 3 Pro and Teclast F7.

    Good luck - WOLF

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    hi, thank you for publishing solution for this VERY ANNOYING problem of the BAD SCROLLING in navigation pages, i have an CHUWI LAPBOOK SE that, if you dont know it, its like an EZBOOK 3 PRO.

    I noticed very much that navigating in GOOGLE CHROME is too bad scrolling and moving in the page, like you descripted expecially in the firsts second when the page its charging. So i tried your method, with ADDON, all installed and setted like you. The scrolling now changed a little little but its bad the same, its very bad, the navigation in GOOGLE CHROME is very orrible scrolling the pages, whit the addon active or disactive, i tried the same updating the gpu driver and, in google chrome disabling and activating the graphic card acceleration in the options, whitout any result.

    The important thing i want to informe you is that, using INTERNET EXPLORER the navigation is perfect, fluid and is a pleisure. So, the fact isn’t that the computer doesn’t have enought power in cpu or graphic, THE NAVIGATION IN GOOGLE CHROME is the problem. I hope we can find a solution to this stupid but annoying problem, that i cant explicate very well, because theese are normals computer, so i dont understand why google chrome can function fluid in a old hp or acer computer but very bad in a modern but chineese computer.

    in the past i had a TECLAST tablet whit windows 10, it had the same problem for coincidence, it was powerful for all but, regarding the fluidity in navigation of google chrome, for mistery it was terrible………

    i think, its not a optimization of theese chineses good pc problems, because they are normals pc like all others, whit a regular version for pc of windows 10, so what is the problem?

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    My EZBook Jumper 3 pro experience was realy bad regarding touchpad til V4 arrived. I had bought each better version and owned a V3, V4, V6 and a very late one. The V3 had a hardware problem, nearly unimproveable except external mouse.

    But this smooth scrolling trick did work for me on the later ezbook 3 pro from V4 onwards and my thinker.


    You seem to have a different problem otherwise it should work. Even on my 4 year old outdated 15,7″ all in one tablet it works perfectly.

    It can’t help in all cases like the EZbook 3 Pro with that terrible nightmare touch in V3

    Good luck - WOLF

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