The TBooK 10 E6N5 (A1) Thread

The TBooK 10 E6N5 (A1) Thread

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    Since I love this little tablet so much, I’ve decided to write up a little on how to get the most out of this little bad boy.

    Firstly, I recommend doing an in place upgrade of windows 10. What this will do is install the windows 10 version of your choice (effectively removing all the bloatware that comes with these tablets from the factory/distributor.)
    *Before doing this, please download Double driver (click here) and back up ALL of your drivers for safekeeping. keep these on your microSD card, another pc, whatever it may be.
    **Luckily, I have done this incase you’ve messed up your own drivers or have reinstall windows without backing up. I also have the stock Teclast Windows and Android images all in my google drive. (TBooK 10 Drivers and Images)

    • So, the in place upgrade is done by using the Windows 10 Installation Media Tool (click here) which allows you to do a reinstall without rebooting windows yourself.
    • Once downloaded, begin the tool and accept the License terms
    • Select Upgrade this PC now, click next and it will begin to download.
    • On the next screen, choose to download and install updates (recommended) and press next.
    • Once again, accept the License terms and this will lead you to the “Ready to install screen”
    • Here, by press “Change what to keep” you can choose to have a fresh windows install, keep your files, or keep everything except for the Windows files. Select Install and the process will complete itself.
    • From here, you get to set your computer up once again.


    • Disk Cleanup
      • It’s a necessity to run this after doing an in place upgrade of your operating system as there will be tons of space taken up by your old windows installation!
      • Press the Windows button or select the search bar and type “Disk Cleanup” and select the Disk Cleanup utility.
      • Choose C: and it will load some files, on this pop-up select “Clean up system files” and then once again choose C:
      • On this final pop-up, you can select all the choices available and delete them and finally your tablet is free from the clutches of its bloated Chinese edition!
    • Disable search indexing
      • This will free up resources and save reads/writes on your eMMC and allow your system to breathe a little better, and is highly recommended.
      • To do this, right click the Windows icon on the taskbar and select “Control Panel.”
      • In the Control Panel, go into the search bar in the top right and search for “Indexing Options.”
      • Select “Change how Windows searches” and press “Modify” within the Indexing Options pop-up.
      • Here, deselect the C: drive (and D: drive if you use a TF/microSD card) and you will have disabled indexing.
      • To double check this, open the File Explorer and go to This PC. Here, right click your C: (and/or D:) drive and select properties.
      • On this popup, “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties” should be unchecked. If it is checked, uncheck it!
      • Here, I also recommend to check “Compress this drive to save space” as it will compress many files freeing up a few more gigs of space on our tiny eMMC drive!
    • Delete Optional features
      • Windows 10 comes with some unnecessary Optional features (and the chinese image that comes stock is chock full of unnecessary features that hog a lot of space) and I personally always uninstall them on any machine.
      • To access this, open Settings > System > Apps & features and select Manage optional features.
      • Here, you can uninstall Offline Retail Content as well as anything else that you aren’t using.
    • Feedback
      • Personally, I don’t enjoy sharing my information at random with any companies. In W10, you can’t turn this off but you can lower the amount of data is shared at random and in turn allowing your computer to have a few more resources.
      • To access this, open Settings > Privacy > Feedback & Diagnostics.
      • I turned feedback to Never and chose “Basic” device data.
    • Fix the WiFi
      • So, I know this has seemed to plague everyone thus far and I’ve found a few ways to work the WiFi into a manageable mess.
      • Right click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and select Device Manager.
      • Here, open Network Adapters and double click the WiFi adapter.
      • In the Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom of the list. Disable WMM (it is a type of QoS and destroys any and all of your throughput) and enable Xpress (not necessary but I like to.)
      • Also, enable “40Mhz Intolerant” because the WiFi card within this tablet truly is unable to use 40Mhz wide WiFi and will NOT allow you to use the wifi properly.
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    Christian Stocker
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    Thank’s. You mentionend, in another thread, that you got the stylus drivers meanwhile too. Did you add them to the files above?

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    As far as I know, the drivers should now work. I could not find a and as of now, my tablet is bricked (apparently unbricking is impossible when you can’t get into bios AT ALL) So, this is all I’ve got from my tbook 10.

    Stock drivers, the w10 reinstall, updated drivers. I believe the stylus drivers are cooked into the HID/touchscreen drivers themself.

    Christian Stocker
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    Thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear, that your tbook 10 is bricked. What options do you have to solve that problem?

    Knut K
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    Hey Brian, u have writen that u reinstall Windows 10.

    How u did that?

    Like with a normal pc?

    Is the Touchscreen working at the installation?

    And what about Android?

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    This tablet is really excellent. For a better flow alone, mostly in Google Chrome I suggest you install the latest Intel graphics drivers that are found here in 64-bits version :

    salvatore torre
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    I have to reinstall android on my tbook because i’m stuck on teclast logo where I can find software and tutorial?

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    Hey Christian, I’ll be sending my tbook back to China and probably paying a decent fee due to my screen being cracked for a replacement and they’ll be sending a new one my way.


    Knut, if you google “windows installation media” you can simply do an “in place upgrade” which will reset and overwrite your copy of w10 with a fresh copy. I highly recommend this and will probably write some guides up on do’s and don’t’s with this tablet once i receive an device that isn’t bricked ?


    Smes, i recommend that you also an in place windows upgrade with a fresh windows image and use one of the driver backups i made.


    Biblix, download “double driver” it’s a free tool for making and restoring windows drivers backups!


    Salvatore, disconnect any usb connected to the tablet after reinstalling android. For some reason, after reinstalling i had a few USB issues with the tablet on the android side (only during booting) as far as the instructions go, they are on baidu. Use google translator to translate the PDF and use due diligence.

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    Also, I never had an issue with the accelerometer so I’m not too sure what the issue could be. How odd, it works perfectly in tablet and pc modes. Does your tablet possibly use a different accelerometer? My device was the E6N5 (A1) model.

    Andrew Griffiths
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    Well I’m at the end of my patience with this tbook 10, got it from gearbest, windows was account locked by user gearbest (everything in Chinese), android worked for a few hours then just goes to the telcast boot text.

    Gearbest told me to download the images and reinstall, trouble is they are only hosted on a Chinese file server and I cannot register as I dont have a mainland Chinese number.

    I’ve managed to start downloading tbook 10 e6n5 W10.rar from Bryan but I need the android image also, anyone have it?




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    Hey Andrew, I’ll grab the Android rom asap.

    Christian Stocker
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    @Bryan: Great work. Thank you very much!

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    Thanks, I may need you guys as guinea pigs to get some tutorials/tweaks down for this thing if anyone’s interested.. Just whatever you do, DO NOT CHANGE THE iGPU BIOS SETTINGS! That’s what bricked my tablet.. :'(

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    My tbook cannot boot to andriod. So i am going to reinstall android rom.

    Tablet goes into the EFI boot shell, and goes well something. But tablet is stopped at the stage ‘erasing userdata…,’.  I am waiting for an half hour, tablet cannot go next process.

    How can i solve it? Help me~!

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