Teclast F5 – Power Bank(s), Charger & Dongles – Please…

Teclast F5 – Power Bank(s), Charger & Dongles – Please…

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    Roney Tutnauer
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    Hello Teclast F5 owners, I hope to also be the happy owner of an F5 soon!
    Since keeping it powered on the go is one of its challenges, I’d really appreciate anyone with positive experience on how this is best done.
    I would love to hear about any power bank that has actually been tested & works!!  I’ve spent hours looking/asking users for first-hand success reports. Folks have stated that any “PD bank should work”, but in reality I only hear of folks that have tried and NOT succeeded.
    Also – recommendations on USB Type C dongles, and wall “power bricks” would be great!
    Many Thanks! Roney

    Chris G
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    I bought from Amazon a Poweradd 99Wh type-c PD charger and it works well. type-c to type-c cable. 12V 2.25A works.

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    Roney Tutnauer
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    Thanks Chris – Its really reassuring to know that there is an option out there. With a power bank like I assume the F5 battery issues are solved, giving at least 10+  hours, correct?

    btw Chris – from the spec on Amazon the charger provides 12V 2.5  “3 Outputs, Dual 3.1A+3.1A USB output ports and aa USB-C output, 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/2.5A, 20V/2.25A”.  Looks like the F5 really wants 12V 2A, as written on the included AC power adapter. I also asked the “Teclast Global Store” on Aliexpress, and they said that the only way to power it is with the AC charger.
    But as long as I know it works – I’ll go for the F5!!

    Many Thanks for taking the time to respond!!


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    I bought an Aukey USB PD charger that supports [email protected] Unfortunately the laptop does not seem to like it at all.

    So it looks like it’s a bit of hit n miss with the F5

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    I may be a little late on this thread but if you’re struggling to get power banks working with the F5 try updating the bios as per this thread https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/teclast-f5-bios-update/ on the original bios charging would stop after 2 mins with every bank I tried but after updating all worked fine.

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    shit, I updated the BIOS as they say there and now it doesn’t start me. Turn on but it goes black

    How do I fix it?

    help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot!

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    My customer’s battery is broken, hope I can help find it. I found the model and part number behind the battery. is :2666144 7.4V H-30137162P

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