Teclast F7 battery drain

Teclast F7 battery drain

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    Fabio Paradiso
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    Hi everybody! I just got a Teclast F7 (the updated 128gb ssd one) from Gearbest. Everything seems fine, but I’m a bit unimpressed with the battery life. I’m nowhere near the 6-7 hours Chris managed with his F7. Even doing really light tasks, one tab on Edge and nothing else, brightness set at 10-20%, I can hardly get 4-5 hours, with average battery consumption being about 10-12 watts, a lot higher than the values Chris showed in his review. I’ve already tried lowering the TDP to 6 watts.

    What could be the reason for it? Will things get better after a few more battery cycles?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestion ūüôā

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    I can tell you what happened to me. The first days the computer keep itself updating, that takes a lot from the laptop.

    Check the task manager for cpu usage, the first days there is a lot of taks running under the system. There is also the last windows update, it takes a lot. Then it should calm down.

    The screen brightness doesnt take a lot from the battery, almost all goes for the cpu, if it is running at 90% the battery drains in 3 hours. See the post made by chupa about it, it helps a lot.

    And when streaming use edge, it saves more battery life.


    Fabio Paradiso
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    Thank you, Adam, for your reply!

    I will see how it goes in the next few days, now that the first updates are through!¬† And Chupa’s posts were definitely a nice read!

    The weird thing is that I’ve actually noticed some some really heavy spikes in cpu usage when using Edge, it’s often around 85-95%, which might be also why battery life was wierd (?) but that doesn’t happen when using Chrome. I’ll do some more tests, I guess! Thanks again!


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    thank you!

    try waterfox portable  from usb or micro sd instead of edge

    the screen uses 2 watt between min and max but lots of MS background tasks keep processor busy so 6 to 10 watt is normal.

    leave for  some days and d then check and start optimizing.

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    Have recently purchased a Teclast F7 with 128 Giga  SSD.

    Very good laptop except for battery life which is nowhere near to the figures indicated in the review by Chris. The review shows BatteryBar discharge rate of  -3 .420mW and a full runtime of 7.49 hours.

    My battery has been recycled 3 times and I get a full runtime of only 3.46 hours with Youtube streaming in one window under Edge. Nothing else running except Norton antivirus.

    BatteryBar shows a discharge rate sometimes going up to -18.240mW. See attached BatteryBar screen copy.

    Very disappointed with battery life. Has anybody else with 128 Giga SSD Teclast F7 experienced similar battery runtimes ?

    Comments would be appreciated as I am considering returning this F7 as it looks as if there is problem.

    Many thanks to Chris for his very interesting and useful reviews. Keep up the good work…


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    make a simple test
    disable the useless antivirus
    check what else runes in the background and disable what you do not need for the test
    set the screen brightness to 15-20%
    use youtube in SD mode and not full screen
    Run a couple adblockers

    do this for 5 min and check the battery bar, you should be around 8w or lower
    Now install shutup10 and disable everything, do a restore point first
    do the same test as above

    now how many watts and runtime?

    go back to shutup10 and run restore

    check out my ay caliente post in the jumper section, I compare what browser needs how much power playing HD, what is the best browser and how hot the pc gets playing 10 min HD youtube.

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