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    Ralph McIntosh
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    bought a 128 GB Transcend SSD and used Transcend Scope to clone the MMC. Backup patition of te MMC wa snot cloned but that was clar.

    After cloning automaticly the F7 shut down and after new start it booted from SSD, no issues.

    But now the MMC is missing. If I use windows drive tool I can see it but it is offline due to a signature conflict???

    I there a way to activate the MMC to use it as storage space.


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    Chris G. just replied to a similar question 2 days ago and he said to go to the Bios and change The boot order, from the eMMC to Windows manager and the ID of the SSD then save an exit. Here is the linl: https://techtablets.com/2018/03/teclast-f7-vs-jumper-ezbook-3l-pro-comparison/#comment-17893


    Ralph McIntosh
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    Yes thats done, it already boots from SSD. But the eMMC is now gone and offline.

    I would like to have it as an extra drive to use it as storage space.


    Chris G
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    The eMMC should still be there, is it in the disk and device manager. Did you format it?

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    Ralph McIntosh
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    I can see it in the disc and device manager but there it us marked as offline due to a signature conflict.



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    You must remove the boot partition from the eMMC.

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