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Teclast F7 Vs Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Comparison

Teclast F7 Vs Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Comparison

Recently I just got hold of my EZBook 3L Pro, the 14″ version of the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro and a laptop that is almost identical to the Tecalst F7 I reviewed. This one comes from the same ODM, there are only minor differences which I’ll outline below and one big difference depending on how lucky or unlucky you are. After all the reports from various users that Jumper switched to using an IPS panel and not a TN on in the EZBook 3L Pro I finally ordered one.

But luck wasn’t on my side, my 3L Pro has the old TN panel, the same one in the EZBook 3 Plus which is basically the same laptop but with a Core M3 and 8GB of RAM. Highly annoyed to say the least my one isn’t one of the IPS batches. It would seem that Jumper might be switching between the TN and IPS panels still. Other than this the machines are almost identical apart from the power limit option settings in the bios aren’t available to us ( But software unlocking works) and the power adapter and box aren’t as nice as the Teclast F7’s one.

So there we go, if you can get the Teclast F7, it’s still the best Celeron N3450 Laptop around. However, if you can somehow guarantee you’ll get an IPS panel from your seller or the TN panel doesn’t bother you the EZBook 3L Pro is still a good choice and better than the EZBook 3 Pro.

Of course price is another factor, currently, the EZBook 3L Pro is selling for $267 with coupon GBTPC here.

Then it’s $239 at Geekbuying but their shipping adds another $40 or so to the price making it more expensive than Gearbest.

The Teclast F7 is $324 at Gearbest, not sure why they increased the price so much. Geekbuying also sell the Teclast F7 and it’s currently going for $275. But their expensive shipping is the issue, remember that DHL normally comes with import tax and duty.

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  3. I just received my 3L Pro from Geekbuying (It shipped before the F7 went back on sale) and I wanted to confirm here that mine definitely has a matte IPS panel. Screen brightness and color barely changes when viewing from extreme vertical or horizontal angles. Also of note is that was NO removable screen protector, just a foam sheet to protect against keyboard contact. It also has a silver touchpad, despite various listings showing it with a black touchpad. I’m extremely pleased. Of course the BIOS does not allow power limit changes as others have reported, but I used to have an Alienware m11x so I’ve used Throttlestop before, and am anxious to try out the solutions people are working on here. I’m very curious to know if the F7 bios can be made to work on the 3L Pro since it is supposedly the same ODM, though I wonder because I thought internals were different.

  4. Hi, I got a EZbook 3L pro from China a couple of weeks ago with the glossy TN panel. It is quite good for a TN, but the IPS of my 1st plastic EZbook 2 (4th generation) is much better. Finally I decided to join the lottery and to order a 2nd one from the German warehouse (I come from Germany). I received it today with a (semi-) matte display, hoping for a IPS matrix. But the vertical angle-of-view dependency is as bad as the glossy screen of the 1st one. The side views are fine. The backlight is more evenly without bleeding and better than the IPS screen of the EZbook 3 (no L) which I also have 😉
    I couldn’t make up my mind and will now sell 3 of the 4 notebooks. But since all have their specific disadvantages and advantages, I’m still not sure what to choose. How good is the F7 screen compared with the EZbook 2 or 3 with IPS screens?

    Meanwhile I doubt that the guy (Denis) who wrote on gearbest that he got a EZbook 3L pro with a matte IPS display is right, or there is a 3rd version of this laptop….

    • It seems there is this 3rd matte version out there somewhere, both of use got unlucky. Maybe only a small percent of the new stock is using that screen. Like 30%? The matte F7 screen if you get it is meant to be great and my glossy F7 screen is fine, just that it’s glossy is the only issue I have with my Sharp panel. This same panel has been used in a few Dell laptops. Better than the EZBook 2 screen? I don’t think it is or what I remember from my EZbook 2.

      But for me, the best has to bee the Chuwi Laptop 15.6, very nice AUO screen in that one. I do miss it. Never understood why Chuwi didn’t update it to the Apollo Lake, maybe because it has the plastic build.

      • Chris tell me : 185$ for EZbook 3 SE – good price? What you think about SE version of EZbook 3 whit N3350 , 3GB , 13,3 FHD ?

        • Well not really, the N3450 with two more cores is much better overall and double the RAM makes it worthwhile going for the EZbook 3 Pro, 3L Pro or Teclast F7 instead. These all have the N3450, 6GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The N3350 is only dual core, it’s fine just with multitasking the N3450 is much better.

  5. Geekbuying now has the Teclast F7 listed for US$ 245.99 and DHL Economy for US$ 29.05 with insurance it comes out to US$ 277.03. A question for you guys, I ordered the Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro from GearBest shipped DHL and I didn’t get charged an import tax so did I get lucky or is that because I’m in the US? What’s the best way to have it shipped to the US?

    • I’m also in the US, and I’ve purchased a lot of tech – laptops, smart watches, tablets – from China over the years and never once was charged an import tax no matter what delivery method used. So I don’t think you have much to worry about there – I’d just select whatever shipping method suits you.

      • Yes, Kyle Battle is right. I don’t think the U.S. charges any import duty for these kind of items, and, if they did, the charge would be de minimis.

  6. I ordered an F7 on Feb. 8 and it arrived on Friday. Mine has the matte screen (and came with the 2-layer protector). I installed an SSD and changed the TDP settings to unlimited. Really happy with this thing so far — it’s crazy how cheap it was! Looking forward to traveling with a really solid laptop that I don’t have to worry much about. Thanks for all your guidance!

  7. Have you taken it apart yet? Was wondering if the 2280 SSD mod works in it like it does in the 3 PRO

    • The 2242 and 2260 size both fit, it won’t take the 2280, its too big. If you want to fit the 2260 you need to remove the back and remove some plastic for it to fit.

      • Wish they hadn’t moved the port to the side like they did, luckily SSD prices are starting to drop a bit.

      • I showed this in the review, the issue is to fit a 2260 you have to take off the whole rear panel, which for some might be an issue however it’s not hard. But I highly recommend using an SSD as the main drive and later use that eMMC and storage or install Linux on it. Windows 10 certainly picks up on the SSD, boot times app loading times etc all improve greatly.

        • Hi.i clond the emmc to the ssd.what should i change in the bios?

          • The boot order, from the eMMC to Windows manager and the ID of the SSD then save an exit.

  8. Clear as mud when it comes to the screen then!!! Crazy..
    My F7 came up as NV14N43 (Dell P/N: 6J1Y3), which i assume is the BOE NV140FHM-N43.

    • Yes very clear the vertical viewing angles when side by side, the Dell listed screen is the BOE, it’s a type of PLS/IPS display and your lucky to get that matte screen. Mine, as you know, is the glossy sharp IPS panel. I’ll use my Spyder5Pro on it soon to calibrate it and get a sRGB and adobe RGB reading too. It won’t be amazing I’m sure but be interesting to see how it compares to my EZBook 3 Pro.

      • According to HWinFo 64, the Jumper has a panel with a hardware ID of MS_0003 too but oddly, the resolution is listed as Digital Flat Panel 1024×768 manufactured on 2002 with a supported video mode of 1920×1080. So my jumper does not have a Full HD screen, but they advertised it as having a Full HD Screen.

        • That info is incorrect. 1024 x 768 is noticeable and I can 100% it’s 1920 x 1080 my EZbook 3 Pro also has this screen, but it’s not what is listed.

        • Also, check the resolution your desktop can be set to in Windows, you will see it’s up to 1920 x 1080 max.

  9. Great review Chris. My new Jumper EZBook 3L Pro that I ordered from GeekBuying have an AMI Bios version dated Nov 11, 2017. The small quality control card that comes inside the laptop box has a date stamped Dec 20, 2017. I guess it must have been manufactured in November and came out of the factory around December last year. They shipped it out of Hong Kong on January 31st. Do you think it would it make a difference from the batches manufactured this year or It is still a gamble that some (lucky) buyer would receive an IPS panel?

    • It’s really hard to say, I think it’s a gamble. I’ve heard the Geekbuying German warehouse is shipping IPS screens. But then you could still get unlucky. I would buy expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

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