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Teclast F7 High Temps

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    I have now used my Teclast F7 for several months and have to say my thermals is not good at all. When I stress-test the laptop it easily goes up to 90C even without removing the power limit which is way above what other seems to have. I have applied thermal pads  but they don’t seem to help. Should I do a thermal mod like recommended for Ezbook 3 PRO?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

    Ray Dollars
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    Mine’s fine, never gets very hot.

    Have you tried following any of Chris’s guides about reapplying the thermal paste. Probably worth a try.

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    Thermal pads are more or less crap, I tried a lot of different ones.

    best thermal coupling is big copper plate with paste.

    The main thermal copper plate (your heat sink) is grounded to the computer battery minus pole as is the metal case. So there is no danger in using a big copper shimmy to connect the main heat sink with the metal back plate.

    If you want to be sure, use an ohm meter and measure battery minus with heat sink and with back plate.

    Your problem might be a not plain fitting processor / heat sink connection with not enough pressure.
    For best effect, remove all, clean surface of cpu and copper heat sink add a copper shimmy with paste on both sides in between cpu and heat sink  and one large copper shimmy (or as I did a few small ones) direct on top of copper cheat sink were the processor sits underneath. You want to have a bit pressure from the bottom plate on to the assembly so you have the best heat transfer connection.
    Read the last entries of my diary below and you get an idea.

    Need Help?
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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