Teclast X98 Pro not turning on

Teclast X98 Pro not turning on

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    In response to OP:

    I believe the tablet was bricked because you connected another phone via OTG?? I didn’t know you can do that b I certainly wouldn’t recommend on doing. The phone or tablet need power and with two of them connected one may have behaved as source and the other one drawing the power. Who knows. For proper connection through OTG it’s best to use dedicated ¬†powered OTG hubs in particular with you plan on attaching anything more than a USB stick.

    The experience of the OP can serve as a warning – OTG cables are designed for a reason and the fact they can be used by a 5-years old doesn’t make them a consumer product. As always – RTF applies here too.

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    In response to people having problems with their x98 Pro not booting anymore, I know this is an old thread and probably you all might just have thrown your tablets in the trash, but I managed to find a work-around solution.

    Apparently, the problem is with the soft power on circuit that can’t figure out properly when the tablet is powered on. I figured out a way to “reset” the power on circuit so that it can properly power the table on again. The simple trick requires a usb device that has some kind of feedback when it is connected (a LED for example). I’m using my Acasis micro usb hub. When I plug it into the micro usb port of the tablet, if the tablet is powered on, it will power the usb hub and a small blue LED will lit on it. I use this as a feedback to know if the tablet is powered on or not, since the tablet screen goes all black and you can’t really tell. So, next time your tablet shutdown on you and doesn’t turn back on, just insert your usb device to check if it is really on or off. If the tablet is on, press the power button for a few seconds until the tablet turns off (you will be able to tell because the usb device will turn off too). Then wait a couple seconds (4 or 5) and, with the usb device still on the tablet, press the power button and hold it for a few seconds, and then release it. You can tell that the tablet powers on because the usb device shows it, however the screen might remain all black. Wait for a minute, don’t do anything. The tablet should power itself off after some time with the black screen (again, you can tell because the usb device will also power off). That’s when you’re finally able to turn your tablet back on for good. Right after it turns itself off, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until you see the screen turning on.

    This trick worked for me 100% of the times. I wish teclast would come with a BIOS update, or some update that could fix this issue, because it is really annoying. Anyway, if you still have your teclast x98 pro around, this might be a good trick to have in mind.


    Thiago Alves


    PS: I’m writing this on my brand new GPD Pocket. The device is fantastic, absolutely a must for those that like portability + keyboard.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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