Thermal mod and temps

Thermal mod and temps

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    Hi guys


    Just thought I would start a thread asking about your experiences regarding this mod.  I recently done mine using 6 copper shims (1 on top of cpu and the other 5 between the heatsink and rear case) instead of heat pads.  I also upped the clock speed  and wattage via the intel xtu.  My experience so far is I haven’t seen the temps go above 51 degrees and that was running the Geekbench 3 benchmark 5 times in a row (2400 single core, 4600 both cores), average temp was 46-47.  Using my thermometer the outer casing peaked at 40.4 degrees and around the front of the screen was 34 degrees.  Since I’ve dual booted mine with Remix OS I haven’t seen the temps go above 43 degrees in Remix and that was after an hour or so gaming (real racing 3).  What are your experiences?


    Lastly why does geekbench list some models as cube i9 and others as i9-L???



    Pigman Rocker
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    i have done it with 1 shim and some thermal padding my temps are almost never above 60 degree its a must if you ask me

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    The processor gets 62 degrees celcius and a single score: 2378 and multicore: 4531.

    I was using google docs at the same time.

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    I personally think it’s the ‘optimized’ bios as since I’ve flashed it I find the tablet slower, benchmarks are also down a little and boot up time is increased by 30-40%.  I’m looking for a way to go back to the original bios if you have any ideas.  I’m not sure how you used heat pads to stick the copper shims on as it would be way to thick, I just used 6 1mm copper shims, thermal paste one side and thermal adhesive the other.  Haven’t checked my temps since flashing the bios as for me it has totally ruined my tablet and I hate it 🙁

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    I used this which is just 0.3mm thick. I think the original pad sitting on top of the heatsink was 1mm thick so my 1mm copper shims + the thermal sticker aren’t much different in thickness. I did not however put any paste on top of these coper shims, maybe this was a mistake?

    Anyways, I find the performance on the newest optimized bios to be good even though I really think XTU does not work for me at all. I think I’ve seen around 160fps in Legend of Grimrock when I pulled all the settings to low leaving the res at 1920×1200.

    I think I might downgrade bios to the stock one once I find out how to do it properly just to see whether this makes any difference at all.

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    No issues with the custom bios on my device.

    And even with the slightly lower performance due to throttling, things liked the fixed pwm frequency outweighs this.

    Edit: seems like the custom bios is by default at 7W, so there shouldn’t be any throttling if the temp is <80°C, otherwise it will throttle to keep the temp at max. 80°C

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    Hi Chris,

    Did anyone ever attempt to replace the aluminum stock heatsink with a copper one, like it can be seen here:

    I was trying to do this full copper heatsink mod, but I cant get the schematics to print out correctly, since the DPI number that Wootever gave seems to be wrong…

    Anyone ever did that mod and can help me??

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    have a look on 4pda.

    What I've used and what I've got:

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    i have done it with 1 shim and some thermal padding my temps are almost never above 60 degree its a must if you ask me

    Can you post a pick or can you explain better???

    You putted 6 cooper shim around the heatsink? Have you covered the entire heatsink?

    matteo pasqualon
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    stupid question..did u test with or without charging tablet?

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