SOLVED: Touchpad movement / acceleration too small

SOLVED: Touchpad movement / acceleration too small

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    I had used the machine with a mouse before and recently had to switch to a more “touchpad only” use case while on the road.

    I got it late summer last year and did not notice then that the touchpad movements are simply tiny on the screen.
    I need several touches to move the pointer and that has become really annoying.

    I use a high sensitivity and tried all other options – that did not work.
    Mouse options regarding acceleration are also max but still touchpad movement from complete left to right just moves the pointer half of the screen. If I push it as fast as I can (without hands resting on the unibody) I might get near 90% from left to right but this speed is impossible to reach while typing on the keyboard or the hand resting on the unibody. I need 4 or 5 quick touchpad movements to bring the pointer from the left to the right… Device drivers does not show any problems.

    I have updated the Win 10 to 1809 and I have done all updates. Recently it had become as annoying as it had been 2 years ago with the EZ Book Jumper 3 Pro V3 – before I got the latest V6 with SSD and backdoor and useable touchpad.

    Hope that someone has an idea to fix or improve that touchpad movement or acceleration issue.

    UPDATE:┬áthe touchpad cursorspeed had changed the axis or value. It works for on the screen movements of the cursor. Gesture scrolling is another story – explained and solved in another topic.

    Good luck - WOLF

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