Touchscreen not working on any Android x86 OS

Touchscreen not working on any Android x86 OS

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    Fast start-up is relate to file system trace, no thing to do with firmware

    For example you can not mount a NTFS partition as Read/Write if fsck failed on that partition.

    Something wrong in your assumption

    P/S after reading your long procedure. I think, the “WORK-AROUND”, you describe need SUSPEND function of Android.

    This may relate to File System trace as you say with FASTBOOT.

    That is the only possible explanation of Windows affect in this case

    There is nothing to do with touchscreen firmware.

    Windows does, in fact affect other dual boot system in term of peripheral firmware download.

    Like I said as observed in dual boot Hackintosh/Linux with Windows machine, when Bluetooth firmware is downloaded to the board,

    then a hot-reboot to Hacckintosh/Linux make it work.

    So it is obvious that different version of Windows has different version of firmware!

    All Linux/Hackintosh gurus of the Linux/Hackintosh community know this.


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    yeah, I rephrased it wrong, actually I’m not implying that touchscreen driver failed because of windows, but the ‘hack’ one.

    Now I think I’ve explained the real problem, is there any way to fix that behaviour? It’s kinda hassle that I need to “suspend” first everytime I want to use the touchscreen.


    Mario Ray Mahardhika
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    I use PhoenixOS 2.6.4, touchscreen works from the beginning but the desktop is upside down. Easily fixed by installing rotation control app and turn on its start on boot functionality (another way would be to tinker with, but I’m too lazy to do that). The difference, probably, is that I install from the .img instead of .exe. There might be differences in result between the two install methods. I just want it natively, no Windows interference at all.


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    Hmm.. interesting experience…

    or maybe it because I disabled C-power state on BIOS?


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