Updates for X5 Pro – Firmware, Bios etc.

Updates for X5 Pro – Firmware, Bios etc.

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    Miguel Prytoluk
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    Unfortunately I’m still strugling to update the BIOS… Can’t seem to be able to do that.. Still won’t update BIOS after rebooting.

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    Hi, do you have news about bios update with correction for Spectre And Meltdown vulnerabilities ?

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    Hi, could anyone who owns this tablet tell me if there is the option in the BIOS to remove power limits? Trying to decide what tablet to buy and this would be a pretty big deal if BIOS was unlocked. Thanks in advance!

    Chris G
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    Test reply.

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    So has anyone been able to successfully flash the BIOS and OS firmware to get this tablet to take both?  I’m hoping to get USB-C charging working (I have a PD charger and correct cable) and it the only part I can’t get done is the OS firmware.  I just get a yellow bang next to Teclast system firmware 3.10 and it keeps trying to update it when the system reboots but never does (always the yellow bang).  Eventually it goes back to version 302.

    I’ve tried the power off for 45 minutes trick, etc. to no avail.  It took the BIOS flash just fine, but the OS firmware it isn’t taking.  Windows just says “updating your system” or something in white letters for a split second under the blue windows logo immediately after POST and that’s all.  It never actually goes through the process shown in the PDF of the firmware update.

    That being said, if anyone would like me to paypal them a 5 or 10 spot for help getting this going I’m just looking to get this one last thing done before I start customizing the X5 Pro.  If you have the solution please share it.

    Screen Impact
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    Hello, I need your help everything is blurry here. I have X5 pro with personal pro license but my tablet doesn’t load at all.

    How to activate USB-C to charge the tablet concretely what are the steps to follow for a beginner in computing. Tuto?

    your help would be welcome

    nicolas poupinet
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    Hi @Screen Impact.

    Download the EC update uploaded by Lucas.

    In the Zip, you will find a chinese tutorial. Ok, it’s in chinese, but it’s aesy to understand:

    • copy and past all zip named “X5 Pro 更新EC操作指导说明 ” content on an USB formated as FAT32 and renamed as WINPE
    • plug this USB in X5, start the tablet and tick ESC to go to th bios. In boot manager, select your USB key named WINPE as 1st boot.
    • Restart, and then bios will be automaticly updated. DON’T STOP THE PROCESS BEFORE IT ENDS!
    • After the end of this changes, restore the correct boot manager. Done!
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    Anybody explain how I update bios ?

    Miguel Prytoluk
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    I’ve gave up on updating the bios…
    I’ve been getting the “please wait while we install the system update” flash since ever, and thought maybe restoring the X5 Pro with the factory image provided by Lucas would help.
    After days trying it, I’ve managed to finally recover with the factory image by formatting a USB with FAT32, copying the files of a Chinese Windows 10 instalation disk, and substituting the “install.esd” with the “install.swm”. “install2.swm” and “install3.swm” from the “source” folder of the Teclast factory file.
    As I thought, recovering to the factory image was useless, and I still cannot update the bios. As i’m prompted to reboot the PC to complete the installation, it flashes the “please wait while we install the system update” message, and reboots again, to an unfinished installation. Lost many many hours searching for an answer, posted here a few times, and now I’ve finally gave up.

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