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    Sounds like the same issue that affects the Hi10? I assume it’s essentially the same hardware?

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    I finally got tired of not being able to use the Tablet and shipped it back to Gearbest. it seems that they are shipping a really bad lot.

    I could not get rid of the shutdown problem and had no response for touch issues. so finally just sent it back…

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    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share my experience fixing my Hibook 10.1 shutdown issue. I recently found myself needing to carry such a small computer around for work, so I took the time to work on it today.

    Problem: Chuwi Hibook 10.1 shuts off suddenly when running on battery, despite having nearly a full charge (85-90%) and doesn’t inform Windows that it is shutting down. The issue never happened if plugged in. I updated my BIOS a long time ago and it’s at v5.11 dated 4/2/2016 (not sure if this is the latest anymore).

    Solution: I opened the tablet and lifted the big thin piece of shielding that acts as a heatspreader. Underneath was only two thermal pads, one covering the CPU and the other on the chip labeled AXP288C, which Google tells me is the power management chip. The other chips under the spreader had no pads, receiving no heat dissipation – these being both the RAM (ELPIDA FA232A2MA) chips and the MMC storage (SKhynix H26M78103CCR e-NAND).

    I scraped off the factory thermal pads, cleaned with ArctiClean, and applied a small gob of IC Diamond thermal compound to all the chips under the spreader. I pushed the spreader back on and made sure I applied enough pressure to sufficiently contact each chip and spread the compound. I then cleaned the top of the spreader with ArctiClean and re-applied the factory thermal pad between the case cover and spreader (because I didn’t have any new pads on hand).

    While I was at it, I hot-glued the magnets into place since they always pop out!

    This solved the problem for me. I even watched Netflix on battery power with a bluetooth headset. I was happy to feel the back of the tablet getting nice and warm, spreading that heat effectively!

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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