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Laptop tops with 1080p screens and 4gb of ram don’t come any cheaper than this. The Jumper EZBook 2 is a 14-inch laptop that has a very MacBook look about it. And the specs seem promising for the price. An anti-glare 1920 x 1200 matte screen, quad-core Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage, Windows 10 Home and a rather large 10,800 mAh battery.  The build of the laptop is mostly plastic, painted to look like alloy, but the lid is made of aluminum. So is this laptop too good to be true for $189? Let’s find out in the below Jumper EZBook review.

Edit: The review rating here has been revised since receiving a second batch unit that fixes the keyboard bounce and flex, it’s now no way near as bad as seen in the video review. Sadly, none of the 3 units I received would power any of my external 2.5″ hard drives. Not even using a powered hub seemed to help.

Timescodes… It’s a long review:

01:59 – Screen
03:14 – Keyboard & Trackpad
04:22 – Performance & Benchmarks
09:12 – Audio
10:44 – 4k Streaming Test (Edge & Chrome)
12:54 – Battery Life & Charge Times
14:23 – Webcam Test
14:46 – Gaming: GT Racing 2, CS:GO & LoL
19:10 – Thermals
20:06 – Final Thoughts With Pros & Cons

One of the best things about this EZBook 2 was the surprise I got when using it, it’s more fluid and feels quicker around Windows 10 than any other Atom X5 Z8300 tested here at Tech Tablets. And I’ve tested a few. I think it’s down to the fact it’s running only a 1920 x 1080 screen, has no touch screen digitizer hardware and Jumper’s software and drivers are well optimized. 1080p is defiantly more suited to an Atom X5 Z8300. But often we see this chipset powering 2160 x 1440 tablet screens as seen in the Chuwi Hi12 which tends to feel a littler slower due to the fact it has to drive all those extra pixels.


So the build is mostly plastic, it looks like Alloy, but as soon as you touch is it’s obvious and the plastic flexes and creaks giving it a cheap feeling. That’s where the screen and lid come to the recuse somewhat, it’s made of aluminum and the hinge of the  Jumper EZbook doesn’t feel cheap, solid and firm with a good feel to it. I’m sure the hinge (Make of metal by the way) will hold up better than the rest of the plastic build.

Keyboard & Trackpad:

The good, it’s spacious and the keys are wide 15mm x 15mm and have around 1.4 mm of travel. However there is a huge amount of flex and bounce on this keyboard it’s quite distracting. This is a result of the plastic build and perhaps a build issue on my unit? I would have to test another one out to compare them.

The location of the power button next to the DEL button is annoying, many times I went to delete something to only put the notebook into sleep mode. Still, I was able to type this review on it with very few typos. (I hope)

The trackpad is maybe one of the best I’ve used on a Chinese tablet or laptop. It’s large, accurate and supports gestures. Not only that, you can disable them and tweak them in the mouse settings of Windows 10.

Jumper EZBook 2 photo 10It’s still no way near as good as a MacBook trackpad, doesn’t come close. But it is usable and that’s all we can ask for at this price range.


At first, I mistakenly thought it had a glossy display due to the screen protector it has on it. But once removed, I was pleasantly greeted with a non-glare matte type screen. It’s a Chi Mei brand LED panel. Model Chi Mei HB140FH1301 /  CMN0001 according to Hwinfo and the Hardware ID’s.

Max brightness of the anti-glare screen is 212 cd/m2 which isn’t wonderful. But because it’s a matte coated screen is still usable outside in the shadows. Indoors it’s perfectly usable and bright enough (as seen in my video review)

The screen is better than some more expensive units. For example, my wife’s ASUS with a Core i5 6300U in it only has a TF 1366 x 768 panel in it. In comparison, I find this $189 laptop has a much better screen in it and that ASUS cost 499 euros around 560 USD!


The EZBook 2 has two speakers facing downward on the underside of the laptop. The aren’t very loud, but using an application like DX audio enhancer I managed to get a bit more loudness out of them. I would still have to say they aren’t ideal, but I’ve heard worse. The 3.5mm headphone jack supports mics, it’s a 4 pole port. There is some feedback over the port, but no as bad as the Chuwi Hi12 for example.

Battery Life and charging:

At 70%  brightness using Chrome and Edge I was about to get 6 hours and 32 minutes. This is a very decent battery result from the 3 cell, 10800 mAh battery. Often cheap laptops from China only have 4000 mAH batteries in them and good for only 2-3 hours at best.

If you just play videos at 50% brightness you can get just over 7 hours of playback.

To fully charge my EZbook 2 from 3% battery took 3 hours and 41 minutes to 100%. Not a great result considering the 12 volt 3A charger it has. I had expected it to charge much quicker.

When in use the EZBoook 2 will take almost 7 hours to fully charge. But it does charge and once it reaches 100% it will stay and 100%, which isn’t something you often see on Atom powered devices that normally drain to 95% and charge back up causing unnecessary wear on the battery cells.


Benchmark results can be found in the video review. But the eMMC drive used for storage is a Forsee unit. Which offers around 100mb/s reads and around 37 MB/s writes. It’s 4k random writes are on the slow side, but it doesn’t seem to affect Windows at all, just installing Photo Shop for example, will take longer than usual.

Geekbench 3 and 3DMark scores were more or less average result for an Atom Z8300.

Ports & Wifi

The EZBook 2 has a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port. As well as mini HDMI output of up to 4k @ 30hz. And a MicroSD card slot. My Samsung 128GB Pro+ worked fine in the slot, no issues. And HDMI Output on my 2560 x 1440 monitor worked flawlessly.

Storage speeds EZBookHowever, my unit does have an issue with power out on the USB ports. None of my many external HDD’s could be accessed on the Jumper. They light up but then make ticking noises as they fail to fully spin up and allow me to access them.

USB 3 Port speedsThe MicroSD card slot was able to read my Samsung 128GB Pro+ card.

Wireless speeds are decent from the Broadcom Wireless N and BT 4.0 combo card. Wireless range is okay too. I did notice that no matter how close I could not get wifi speeds as good as my desktop PC. But the differences is only around 5% less.


As seen in the video the EZBook 2 simply runs far too hot for my liking. Due to the plastic design, it’s very hard for the Atom X5 Z8300 to dissipate heat away from itself. When I opened up my unit I found the thermal pad was poorly placed on the heat spreader which didn’t exactly help things.

max tempsBut even adding a copper shim only reduced temps by 10 degrees. And gaming for long periods saw temperatures rise to 85 degrees. The EZBook was very hot to the touch, I record a toasty 50 degrees.

Final thoughts:

I really like the screen Jumper selected, it’s good for the price and the OS performance is very fluid and snappy very unlike most other Atom X5 Z8300’s. Okay, the build feels cheap and the keyboard flex will annoy some to no end. The heat is only really an issue when gaming. But it’s cheap and the spec you get is great considering the price.

But for, the real deal breaker is the USB port issue which is apparently just my unit or the first batch, even so, my unit has it and it’s hard for me to keep a device if I can’t even access an external hard drive. The heat is concerning, but since I wouldn’t game on a system like this, wouldn’t affect me.

Now if Jumper can fix the keyboard flex, heat and USB ports. They’ll have a winner on their hands.

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  • Very fluid and quick for an Atom X5 Z8300
  • Faster than all Z8300's tested at multitasking
  • Nice 1080p anti-glare coated screen
  • Very cheap at only $189
  • Windows 10 Home with legit license
  • Large battery good for 6-7 hours of use.


  • Runs hot, 50 degrees to the touch
  • My units USB ports will not power USB harddrivers


Performance - 8
Build And Design - 7.5
Screen - 8
Sound - 7
Battery Life - 8


  1. That image and drivers are useless, just reinstall W10 colmedia Creators update and then install these drivers, the only one working:


  2. That image and drivers are useless, just reinstall W10 colmedia Creators update and then install these drivers, the only one working:


  3. Hi Chris, I want to know how to BIOS hard reset for this ultrabook. I think it should work for Touchmate Matrixbook.
    I happened to have changed my bios settings and now no USB device can work and I can’t even enter bios settings with the keyboard because the keyboard also don’t work too. What do I do?

  4. The USB hard disk probably not working because of the output current (i guess). An external hard disk requires at least 700 mA. I think these ports only suplies 400 mA

  5. Is possible to test if ezbook can be charged using USB (5v), i believe this notebook has a step-down converter to charge internals (battery 3.8v only), so maybe this can be charged using 5v

  6. Hi,
    Any news for Jumper EZBook 2 drivers please?

  7. I haven’t been to impressed. Performance is pretty laggy just trying to use Chrome on sites like Facebook and Imgur.
    I’m not sure why the reviews say the lid is aluminum. It’s plastic painted to look like metal. I thought it was metal and try buffing out scratches and it’s white plastic under a very thin layer of paint. I ended up sanding off all the paint to make it look consistent.
    I also couldn’t get Windows 10 to apply updates, it would error out. This was stock out of box without anything new installed. I reinstalled the OS from a Microsoft iso and it now can install updates normally.
    The power supply is very short with a flimsy bent plug making me think it won’t last long. I hate that it’s a such a cheap adapter.

  8. The Windows 10 image is not available from Jumper, however, the next best thing is here an Acronis image backup of it: http://techtablets.com/2016/07/jumper-ezbook-2-windows-10-image-restore-ezbook-2-factory/

  9. Jumper EZBook 2 drivers will be posted soon.

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