Lenovo XiaoXin (TB-8804F) Review

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The XiaoXin or TB-8804 is a Chinese version of the Tab4 plus, a slim and light Android 7.1.1 tablet with a fingerprint reader and powered by the efficient 14nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC and a 4850mAh battery means it can run for over 10 hours of continual screen on use.

The tablet has a 16:10 aspect ratio screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and it’s fully laminated, the screens max brightness peaks are 480 lux which is very good and it also dims down to just 6 lux making it ideal for night time use. Colours and contrast look good thanks to the IPS tech used and only blacks tend to suffer a little being slightly grey.

Full details in the below video review of the Lenovo XiaoXin:

Video review index:

01:54 – Unboxing
02:26 – Screen
03:25 – ROM
04:07 – Benchmarks
05:17 – Performance
05:34 – Sound
06:21 – Gaming
06:49 – eBooks & PDF
07:02 – Battery & charge times
07:45 – Cameras
08:22 – Final words
08:58 – Pros & Cons

The overall build is plastic but it’s well finished and due to the weight of only around 300 grams, it’s very comfortable to hold, even for extended periods. The tablet like the Lenovo P8 I’ve reviewed has dual loudspeakers, but this time instead of side-firing they are aimed towards the users and as a result sound louder and have better stereo separation. Doby ATMOS sound software is also onboard and boosts the output of sound and also lets you tweak the output to your own personal likely. It’s basically an enhanced equaliser if you will. The 3.5mm output is also clean and loud, with the addition of the Atmos application sounds much better than most. In fact, this tablet has sounded better than almost all of the Chinese tablets I’ve reviewed which normally have weak, flat speakers that aren’t even stereo.

Performance from the Snapdragon 625 is good, nothing amazing, but combined with a 1920 x 1200 resolution screen it’s nothing the SoC can’t handle. New and demanding gaming titles run fine on the tablet with some minor stutters at times, but overall it’s great. The same goes for the ROM, it runs Android 7.1.1 and is smooth and bug free. There is an issue with the ROM, my unit doesn’t seem to have the OTA feature enabled. So getting updates won’t be possible.

GPS on the tablet works well, but due to the lack of a hardware compass to complement the GPS module tracking your direction isn’t as good as say the Lenovo P8 which does have a compass. And the wireless range and speeds are the best I’ve seen on an 8-inch Android tablet.

Overall this is a top 8″ Android from Lenovo, only held back by the lack of an update system, an ambient light sensor, compass and HDMI out. If it had them it would be the best 8″ tablet the sites reviewed. The price currently is a tad too steep, wait for it to drop and hopefully future models the ROM will support OTA’s.


  • Light weight and slim
  • Has FM radio & GPS
  • Good performance
  • Great Wifi range and speeds
  • Better cameras than most
  • Great speakers & Dolby Atmos
  • Can get over 10 hours SOT
  • Runs Android 7.1.1


  • No HDMI out, Ambient light sensor or compass
  • No OTA system on my unit
  • Currently pricey for the spec


Performance - 8
Build & Design - 7.5
Screen - 8
Sound - 9
Battery Life - 9
Connectivity - 7.5
Value for money - 7

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