• With the copper shim mine maxes out at around 60 degrees.

    I wouldn’t recommend running the laptop without the heatsink shield as that is what enables the chipset to be sufficiently passively cooled and, as you say, electrically isolated. It also helps to keep static and dust away from the board.

  • Not a great deal tbh. I tried that and it didn’t do much at all. Changing the thermal paste to something better than the standard stuff would help more but if you’re going to do that then you might as well just go ahead and copper mod it.

    Honestly it’s not that dangerous especially since I just told you exactly which size of copper shim to go…[Read more]

  • Holy shit, did I have a lot of fun with this.

    Basically, either it was my fault or the standard 20x20x1 sized shim doesn’t work with the heatsink shroud on this laptop. Whenever I used one of those, the laptop just flat out refused to boot. I then tried several different sizes over the course of a few weeks. 20x20x0.5 and 15x15x1 worked but both…[Read more]

  • Fitting a copper shim shouldn’t really be risky as long as you’re careful and disconnect the battery first.

    It’s probably worth mentioning that I was running the original Skyrim on it with the HD texture pack as well because that’s on my Steam account and auto-downloaded when I installed the game. It was averaging around 40fps at 1080p.

  • The performance on standard Skyrim is absolutely fine, even at 1080p. I’ve had to tweak SE to get it to run at a stable 30 though but I doubt the high temps are helping much at the moment. I was hoping the copper shim I ordered last week would be delivered over the weekend but unfortunately it wasn’t.

  • If you plan on doing any gaming on it then I think the cooling will definitely need some work. Mine was hitting above 90 degrees running Skyrim SE tonight and that’s in the cold of winter.

  • I think that’s where the idea came from however he was working on a different laptop/chipset at the time. Information/guides for the EZB3 Plus seems a little rare tbh.


    Sorry to revive an old thread but does that actually work as a mobile charging solution? The item description indicates it only works as battery backup.

  • Great, thanks. Do you know if there is any copper on the interior of the bottom casing or is it just the same casing as the other EZBooks 3’s?

    My current plan is just to remove the copper shield, place a shim and some MX-4 on the CPU die and then re-use the silicone thermal pad on the top of the copper shield in the area that’s circled in your…[Read more]

  • I have a couple of related questions if that’s OK

    1. Is it right to assume that a larger-sized M.2 drive can’t be installed in this laptop because of where the slot is positioned?
    2. Is the thermal pad underneath the copper shield a silicone one and if so then would replacing it with a copper shim improve thermals/performance?


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