• Hi.


    Just a few more questions please…


    My windows update stopped at 1803 version and says I am now up to date.

    But the last available version is 1903 if I remember correctly. Are you in the same situation ?


    Noel, when you recommend to debloat windows, do you mean to use the WindowsDebloater powershell command available on github ? Or…[Read more]

  • Hi Noel.


    Thank you very much for your answer.


    I could install factory windows image and activated with the pro license, and then installed French language pack.

    I updated drivers with official ones found on Xiaomi website.


    I can confirm battery life seems better, even running stock bios 603 without any special Windows…[Read more]

  • Hello.


    I have bought a second hand mi notebook pro with a installed French windows version. Laptop is really good but I can confirm battery endurance is rather short.

    I have a windows pro licence on it, so I’d like to give a try to your method to install a factory image of chinese windows which is supposed to increase battery life.

    Could you…[Read more]

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