• So the guy from Amazon said he is out of stock..

  • Yes, this is exactly same I have YXT-NB93-111. I really like this laptop because it is tiny, below 1kg and with 8gb ram which is unusual. If you will find anything with 16gb let me know đŸ˜‰

    On mine I have Linux – works pretty well. But yeah – it can be pain on the ass. Especially with lack of spare parts

  • From now it’s pretty easy. You just need to disaasemble battery (big black). Unscrew and delicatelty take out connecting cable. Keyboard cable should probably be under some tape – you will recognize it by my earlier pic.

    I’ve already wrote to seller asking if he has it and asking for some picture. Will write to Gearbest as well with your…[Read more]

  • Hi Étienne,

    Thanks for that. I am currently fighting with Gearbest, but after month or so, they told me laptop cannot be repaired and offered 30usd refund.

    I am still trying to find this keyboard with chinese sellers. Found one on Taobao but seller said it is out od stock. Can you tell me what is yours part number (marked on ribbon). Mine is…[Read more]

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