Chuwi Aerobook Review

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Chuwi’s Aerobook is a Core M3-6Y30 fanless 13.3″ 1080p laptop with 8GB of RAM and it’s their best laptop yet. It started its life as a crowdfunded laptop on Indiegogo and is now sold on Aliexpress in the Chuwi official store.

Storage options range from 128GB to the 1TB reviewed pre-release model. This laptop is very much like the Lapbook SE, only with a brighter screen fully laminated IPS screen, Type-C port, slightly better speakers and a faster Core M3-6Y30 chipset. Now, this CPU while it is faster than the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 found in Chuwi’s Lapbook SE, it makes Windows 10 feel much quicker is quite a dated chipset. It’s two generations old. The current Core M3-8100Y and even last gen’s Core M3-7Y30 would have been a much better choice of CPU for this laptop. Chuwi knows this, but due to the 14nm Intel supply shortage and increased CPU cost, they have gone with this older chip.

Find out in the below full Chuwi Aerobook review video why I like this laptop and it can only get better if Chuwi can (hopefully) give this the newer Core M3-8100Y soon and squeeze more battery life out of it, those are really the only two things wrong with this great laptop. But for light computing for those that want a good looking laptop, with a great screen, don’t mind about 5-6 hours battery life, good keyboard and touchpad you can’t go wrong.

00:28 – Design & build
03:35 – Webcam & mic sample
04:15 – Speaker sample
05:45 – Performance & benchmarks
11:31 – Screen sRGB & Adobe RGB
12:10 – More real-world tests
14:37 – Battery life
15:45 – Light game tests
16:49 – Thermals
17:26 – Recap + Pros & Cons


  • Bright screen with good gamut
  • Faster than the Gemini Lake laptops
  • Type-C Gen1 (data,charge,video)
  • Very good build and finish
  • Look great in dark grey
  • Great thermals


  • Dated Core M3-6Y30 CPU
  • 5-6 hours max batter life
  • Some keyboard flex in the middle
  • Expensive for a Core M3-6Y30


Performance (In class) - 8.5
Build & Design - 8.5
Speakers/Audio - 8
Screen - 8.5
Battery Life - 7

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