add a full size usb port on x98 pro

add a full size usb port on x98 pro

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    Idris, thanks for the information and really no need for an apology.

    Roibeard, did you have any issues with the metal shell blocking the signals?

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    The range seems reduced compared to pc usage but works good otherwise.

    Leslie Meyer
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    It is possible, via the mod. USB to connect a USB LAN adapter, or leads to an overload?

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    leslie, i measured the current draw from the port and the tablet would happily provide, 220mA which should be okay for some thing like an Ethernet adapter; however, the shutdowns are largely dependent on what the tablet itself is doing. i.e screen and processor power draw.

    i find that i still have to use a usb Y cable for power hungry devices like hdds

    i dont have an usb to ethernet adapter to test unfortunately

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    Hi….I got question about Logitech unifying recover…”Roibeard” installed this inside X98pro….their is space to install USB port + reciver inside? I’m looking for solution …my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse they laggy… I need good solution for keyboard , mouse and game pad….unifying support any kind of  game pad(Logitech)??? I want to  buy Bluetooth controller but lag on mouse and keyboard give me time to think….Any good solution guys? Or better solution to use this port like a micro SD card???

    Carlos Martinez
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    I haven’t opened my X98 3G Air II, so I don’t know if it’s possible to perform this full sized USB mod on it.

    Has anyone looked into that?

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    Does anyone know how I can replace the micro USB port with a new one (where I can purchase one from)?  I’ve bent/broken the pins and need to solder on a new socket.






    Pelleri Makkonen
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    Can I use spare USB for charging the battery?

    MicroUSB is broken already..

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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