Almost a week with the Hi8 Pro

Almost a week with the Hi8 Pro

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    Hi there, can anyone who have this tablet clarify if the usb type c is a 3.0 or a 3.1 usb (and not a merely usb 2.0 with type c connector)? also could you please check if you are able to power up external self powered 2.5 hard disk? thanks

    According to Chuwi Customer Support :

    Hi8 Pro have USB 3.0 port so it support USB 3.0.
    Please do not change any USB power setting in the BOIS. As you said, you may lock yourself out of the BIOS, which may paralyze the USB port and there is no way to fix it.
    I’m trying to get OTG functionality to work. So far I’ve had zero success with external HDs – either 2.5″ bus powered or 3.5″ externally powered. ┬áThe only device I’ve managed to get working has been a standard keyboard.
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    I use this tablet to play my browser game (Kancolle if anyone’s asking) using Chrome. I only open 2 tabs on Chrome, so as it not to use too much RAM.

    With Avira + Malwarebytes + Chrome in the backgound, my ram usage is at 70%. Not too bad.

    Battery life is pretty short. Battery drains pretty fast even with only 25% brightness, I manage to squeeze a a tiny bit after the 4 hours mark.

    Temperature ramps pretty high. 78-79C high on pretty constant a lot of times. Really not sure what’s up. Even if my game is a browser flash game, it shouldn’t use that much resource so as to ramp the temperature that much. On nothing, it’s like north of 60C.


    I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time, but no definite answers found. Will it be ok if I used a Quickcharge on the tablet?

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