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    Fabio Kanu
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    Hello everyone, I would buy a tablet from Bangood, I wanted to ask you if the fact that they use styrofoam box and without the original box it is possible to avoid customs fees. What are your experiences? I would use the free shipping

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    i wuld like to order on bangood Chuwi Hi12. but i dont want to pay tax and customs. in my country its 22% so i would pay 50€ more.

    when i want to order i have 3 options. Air Parcel,EMS and Expedited. Expedited is DHL so here i know i will get customs.  Can i ask Bangood to send tablet with Air Parcel with PostNL? If i order from anything from  aliexpress i always get it with PostNl.

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    I ordered a Cube i7 Stylus, using expedited shipping. They sent it last week (Friday or Saturday), and gave me a tracking number, apparently with PostNL. But it can’t be found in their system. Is that normal or should I start to be worried?

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    • <i></i>The item is ready for shipment
      Mar 14, 2016 08:37
    • <i></i>The item is pre-advised
      Mar 11, 2016 08:28

    This is the current status. What the hell are they doing? Sending it from China to Holland, so that they can send it to Malaysia? That would be extremely stupid, because on the way back to Malaysia it would almost fly past China again…

    I used Priority Direct Mail with insurance… supposed to take 6-9 days. According to Banggood the fastest method of shipment. I’ve had Xiaomi send a phone from China to Malaysia before… it took them 2 or 3 days. Now it’s already 17 (!) days, and it hasn’t even properly appeared in the PostNL system. Seriously?

    If it takes much longer there won’t be anyone to receive the package, and it can go straight back to Banggood. Where it will probably arrive next year just in time for CNY.

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    I don’t know how this free shipping actually works but it does take a while. My tablet took 26 days and the item took ages to appear on the tracking system. It seems to be normal.



    Nikos Zeginis
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    I have very bad experience from the customer service of banggood. I bought a tablet from banggood which arrived ok but after 10 months of use the mini usb port got faulty with result not to be able to charge my phone. After a few emails and calls to banggood customer service eventually they accepted to send them back my tablet for repair as it was still under the one year warranty. Initially they told me that they would fix the tablet and send it to me within a month. After tones of emails they told me it will take maximum two months. Till this day is almost two and half month and still haven’t received my tablet back. The customer service response is very slow and is like copy paste ( Do not worry the tablet will be fixed and returned to you). Obviously they will never return the tablet. I regret the moment that i decided to trust them and send them my tablet to be fixed instead of trying to fix it locally.

    I will never buy anything from this company. The after service is terrible and they are not trustworthy. Better spend your hard earn money elsewhere.



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    So far my experience have been decent.

    Best bet is to avoid free shipping, I think. Out of four orders, two arrived as they should, one got delayed and cancelled by me because an item wasn’t in stock, and one got sent to my alternative address in Sweden (I’m in Australia at the moment) thanks to paypal defaulting on my usual delivery address. (Air Parcel Register)

    First order was my Chuwi Hi10, took a while to figure out which revision they would ship of the tablet, communicating was a bit difficult via the chat window. I used ‘Expedited Shipping Service”, tracking worked the whole way even if it was a bit delayed.

    Last order the tracking disappeared as soon as the parcel left China, but it turned up within time estimate.  (Air Parcel Register)

    Jade J. Munkey
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    I ordered a Cube iwork10 Ultimate from, I paid 15$AU extra for EMS shipping (7-15 days) :

    • Order Submitted Apr/19/
    • (Shipped Apr/21/)*
    • Shipped Apr/25/
    • Arrived May/03

    *The order detail page initially said Shipped Apr/21/2016, and was changed to the 25th on the 25th when it arrived at Singapore Speedpost. I was given the Singapore Speedpost tracking number on the 21st, and the order detail had a link to Singapore Post to track it, though after several days of no tracking information was appearing. So, I did some sleuthing in forums which eventuated in my tracking via the same no. at Flyt Express, whom I found that they were using to get the parcel to Singapore. Ideally, they should have have linked to Flyt Express for tracking initially, then changed it to Singapore Post.


    • 14 days from ordering to arrival in Australia is great, and within the agreed upon time for the extra shipping charge
    • Price was competitive with the tablet coupon (acquired from an ad at this site)
    • Communication upon querying the changed shipping date was poor, yet we got there in the end
    • Tracking confusion needs to be fixed



    Steve QCumber
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    Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dusl OS

    • Order Placed on the 23.04.16
    • Free Postage Option chosen
    • Arrived in New Zealand on the 07.05.16

    Paid by credit card, tablet arrived a couple of weeks later in banggood’s own packaging. I’ve bought electronics from china before(aliexpress) using the free postage option & banggood was easily a week fast to deliver. Happy with the product & service from

    winston smith
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    Ordered x98 plus + other item… Always been delivered, but very slowly, as usual with china reseller. Overall a good experience.

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    here’s my experience so far with Banggood.

    May 4th.

    • placed an order for a Chuwi hi 12 (dual boot) without original box. Shipping method: Air parcel register + insurance + tracking
    • placed an order for the keyboard + screen cover. Shipping: Air parcel register + insurance + tracking

    May 4th.

    • Keyboard and screen cover shipped.

    May 8th.

    • Tablet shipped.

    To date both tracking numbers given by Banggood are not working (on Singapore Post website).

    Sent an email and had a chat with post-sale service, they say they have sent a request to the shipping company to address the issue.

    I suspect they sent the items without any tracking system available.

    Let’s see what will happen.

    I have a bad feeling about that…

    Jade J. Munkey
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    @edoardo , I was in a similar situation; try the tracking number you were given, at Flyt Express, in my case they had used that service to get to Singapore as Banggood are in China:



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    Thank you for your help!

    Yes, the tracking number is recognized by Flyt Express:

    Dispatched to overseas (country IT) May 17th

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    I placed an order for the Chuwi HiPen H1. This time with the Expedited Shipping Service.

    Ordered May 19. I got it today (May 25) from the shipping company (DHL). No customs to pay.

    So now I have to wait for the rest (tablet and keyboard)…



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    Banggood is a no go. The aftersale service is just a joke. I recieved a faulty tablet and have tried to contact theme since day one. No answer. They answered my 3rd message asking to factory reset. This done i sent more than 3 messages since and no answer in more than 3 days, so my opinion, don’t buy from banggood

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