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    My Phone or tablet orders from Banggood:

    Order Placed Date:2016-05-22

    Shipped Date:2016-05-25

    Received Date:2016-06-13


    Order Placed Date:2016-03-15

    Shipped Date:2016-03-17

    Received Date:2016-04-16


    Order Placed Date:2015-02-21

    Shipped Date:2015-03-06

    Received Date:2015-03-16

    — — — —

    Order Placed Date:2015-08-22

    Shipped Date:2015-08-31

    Received Date:2015-09-08

    I have used only free post (PostNL.) It is pretty slow postage method but it’s free. Once i had to pay taxes. I got mail about that from finnish customs.

    Bad thing about Banggood is that they sell phones that have malwares and bloatware on their phones. My eBay account got stolen after using eBay with my phone that is ordered from Banggood.. Tablets are fine.




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    Order placed: 2016-06-20

    Order shipped: 2016-06-23

    Customer (me): Nervous because of some of these reviews!

    Ill keep you all informed. This is my first purchase from banggood. I ordered through banggood because I have been watching Techtabets reviews for a couple months now and after looking through Techtablets website I used the link provided on the site and ordered away. I hope all goes well.


    Ventura, CA

    H Pham
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    Following is my first experience with ordering an item from

    Short Story: I ordered a Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dual Boot on 7/7/16. It arrived in Kansas, USA on 7/18/16 in good condition.

    Long Story: Before buying, I read reviews about Gearbest, Geekbuying, and Banggood. The prices were similar at those places, but Banggood seemed to have fewer complaints, so I ordered from Banggood.

    Before ordering, I signed up for an account at Banggood and they sent me 5 online coupons. One of the coupons was for $10 off an order of $100 or more. The Hi8 Pro Dual Boot was selling for $95.99. I added a $5 case and $2 for insurance, bringing the total to $103. Net cost was $93 after applying the coupon.

    For shipping method, I chose Priority Direct Mail which is free and should take 6-9 business days to arrive. I placed my order on 7/7/16, it was shipped on 7/8/16. With the tracking number that Banggood provided, I tracked the order using,, and The tracking info at chinapost and china EMS only show activities in China. The info at shows activities in both countries.

    The package arrived at USPS ISC (International Shipping Center) in Chicago on 7/15/16, a week after the order was placed. It took a day to go through Custom at ISC, and two more days to arrive at my local post office. I received the order on 7/18/16, which is 7 business days from ordering, meeting their estimated shipping time.

    The Hi8 Pro tablet was removed from its original Chuwi box and packed in a styrofoam box. But it arrived undamaged. All the accessories were included. I did a quick check of the tablet and the case. Everything was fine. So, I’m a satisfied customer of Banggood.

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    And after Eons of Endless Waiting, my tablet from Banggood finally came to me, yesterday. It was brought to my door by an unbelievably old postman, who presumably walked the entire Silk Road with his bare feet. The long perilous journey took more than fifty working days.

    Meanwhile, the keyboard ordered the same day arrived more than a month ago.

    Lesson learned. Never ever place an order with Air Parcel Register shipping method again.

    Does anybody have some experience with a similar case? The shipping was tracked and insured.

    Stated shipping times where 25 working days. Also, does anybody knows if Banggood provides some kind of refund for such a delay? Or Paypal maybe?

    Thank you for your help.


    PS. The tablets seems fine, the parcel was overall still in good shape, considering the long, perilous, journey.

    EDIT: I selected the Banggood custom package, not the original one. It was indeed very good, with high density foam.

    H Pham
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    I read the Shipping Q&A at and it said Air Parcel Register is the slowest method because there’s manual logging of the package’s progress, and some locations/countries have long backlog due to lack of personnel. So I chose Priority Direct Mail (6-9 days) and paid $2 for insurance in case the package is lost.


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    I can’t complete my order for the Teclast x16 Plus – I’ve been stuck on a loop on the Paypal checkout page. Has this happened to anyone else before?

    It was 20% off when I made the order, I got the order confirmation email but it’s been pending payment since. The 20% off has since expired but is still accounted for in my pending order.

    I emailed Banggood but just received an email asking if I would like to complete my order. I replied repeating my issue but got the exact same email again, clearly a template. I also tried live chat – I got an initial response saying “let me see” but was subsequently disconnected. When I tried to reconnect, it was unable to do so citing unavailability of any staff.

    I’ve emailed Paypal but have not received a response yet, however I think the issue is on the end of Banggood – perhaps their implementation of Paypal in their shopping cart.

    Gearbest also has the same item on promo for another day and a half, but for about USD$20 more. I’ll have to decide if I should just buy it from there if I don’t get a solution soon. It’s not that much a difference but I’m not from the US so in local currency it is enough to be annoying, also because it is more than enough to cover the foldable keyboard and tablet stand that I intend to get to use with it.

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    Check for their warehouses and you will get it without any fees for 3-7 days at most.



    Btw. links aren’t same.

    If you are in United States, click 1st link, if you live in European Union, click 2nd.


    Usman N
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    I live in Qatar and ordered a Chuwi HiBook Pro from Banggood on 11-Feb and chose Air Parcel Register (whatever that means). Expected it to arrive within 15 days because back in 2015 I had ordered a Chuwi Hi8 from GearBest and it arrived in 11 days.

    According to the website, it was shipped on 13-Feb through Swiss Post. 17-track shows the last update on 25-Feb so now it has been a month since the package is stuck somewhere in transit (or lost). Checking other tracking sites gives out other associated carrier names: Swiss Post, Asendia and Flyt Express but no updates anywhere beyond 25-Feb.

    Checked with Banggood support and directly asked them for a refund because I really think it is lost. They said it is not eligible, I need to wait 7-25 business days, or 40 days in total before they conclude that package is lost.

    Anyone have any similar experiences? Did you get the package in the end?

    Feb 25, 2017
    02:05 am
    Departed transit countryFlyt Express

    Asendia SCL Germany
    Feb 24, 2017
    08:37 pm
    Arrived in transit countryFlyt Express
    Asendia SCL Germany
    Feb 16, 2017
    04:42 pm
    The consignment has left the origin border pointFlyt Express
    Asendia Hong Kong
    Feb 16, 2017
    04:42 pm
    Arrival at origin border pointFlyt Express
    Asendia Hong Kong
    Feb 16, 2017
    04:42 pm
    MailedFlyt Express
    Asendia Hong Kong
    Feb 14, 2017
    05:22 pm
    Item in transitFlyt Express
    Flyt Express’s sorting centre, Hong Kong
    Feb 14, 2017
    11:21 am
    Item dispatched. PKG#:PKG03152911Flyt Express
    Flyt Express’s sorting centre, Guangzhou
    Feb 12, 2017
    04:48 pm
    Item in transitFlyt Express
    Flyt Express’s sorting centre, Guangzhou
    Feb 12, 2017
    03:48 pm
    Item receivedFlyt Express
    Flyt Express’s sorting centre, Guangzhou
    Feb 12, 2017
    01:24 pm
    Customer’s order information generatedFlyt Express

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    Update:  well speak of the devil.  The tracking just updated 2 hours ago

    <table class=”tracking_history”>
    <tr class=”row_top”>
    <td>May 17, 2017, 12:32 am</td>
    <td>Processed Through Facility</td>
    <td>ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)</td>

    I placed an order from Banggood on 5/5/17 and as of 5/16/17 according to the USPS website, the order is still in ‘Pre-shipment’.  Is this normal?  Order is bound for the east coast of the USA.

    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    May 6, 2017, 9:54 pm     Processed Through Facility     SHENZHEN EMS, CHINA
    May 5, 2017, 4:17 pm     Acceptance     CHINA


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    I have only ordered one tablet from Banggood, and it took 33 calendar days to arrive. All of the miscellaneous gadgets and do-dads that I have ordered take only about two weeks. The packaging was always top notch and never had any issues. Just make sure to set your expectations appropriately for delivery timeframe.

    I also want to point out that even with long shipping times, I’ve never had a package lost. I can’t say the same about or – in fact, I refuse to do business with them anymore. Banggood, Gearbest and Lightinthebox have all been reliable and similarly priced, if not slow.

    Kyle Battle
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    I just want to offer my experience with BG’s customer service, which has been good. Firstly I’ve ordered a lot of items from BG and have never had a problem with delivery. However a laptop I purchased last year developed a battery problem. When I contacted customer service they responded the next day with options. We continued back and forth for a few weeks as I decided what I wanted to do, and every time I emailed the BG representative I would receive a response the next day. So I would rate their communication as excellent. I’m awaiting the return of my repaired laptop now and I’m confident BG will keep me informed as to its shipment back.

    Kyle Battle
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    Oh and I forgot to mention that the issue of warranty repair was never questioned by BG – I bought the laptop in September 2017 and they let me know I could have it repaired under warranty. The only drawback was shipping it back to China – they would share 50% of the cost of return, which they immediately refunded to my PayPal account once I verified the shipping details in an email. Even though the repair would cost me an additional USD $35 I’m satisfied because the laptop is worth it.

    Syb van de Werken
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    Afther the good reviews here on 4 july i buyed  the Teclast F 7 on flash sale at Banggood it was on transport with EDM at 9 july to Puurs Belgium, but its still not arrived.

    Only thing BG say wait a week more and they blame it on costum clearence but i think they lie because today its on stock again and now my parcel is pre advised.

    Last time i buy anything at BG in the past it was okay but cant trust this company anymore instead i buy at Gearbest.



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    ขอบคุณที่ให้ฝากเว็บน่ะค้ะ :DE

    Irma Fowler
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    In first there was some issues but the BangGood team helped me alot at every moment. Now am fully satisfied with the sales and service. They are really good at customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is their first priority. Once again i ll prefer and recommend to all.

    happy wheels

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