Massive battery drain on Teclast F7

Massive battery drain on Teclast F7

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    After charging up my newly purchased laptop and letting it finish the boot process and Windows login, there is a huge battery drain that begins.  Various battery monitoring apps show the discharge rate to be anywhere between 21,000 mW to 36,000 mW.  For example, the laptop currently has been on for 17 minutes, and the battery level was at 97% when i booted up, and now the battery level is sitting at 75%  That’s with me having no intensive apps open and just looking at the battery monitoring applications.  I opened this browser and opened a single tab and the discharge rate went up to 35,000 mW.

    I’ve tried tweaking various settings in the BIOS, using the BIOS defaults, changing power settings in Windows, and even reinstalling Windows from scratch via USB and it always comes back to this same scenario.  I’ve tried having no third party apps installed, cycling the battery down to 0% and then back up to 100% more than once, and this is where i’m at.  Has anybody else run into anything like this with the F7, or did I just get a lemon?  Anybody have any ideas other than trying to return the laptop?

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    That does not sound right. Never seen an Apolo Lake consume that figure even when I have no power limit set and gaming then it’s still around 15W max. Sounds like a lemon to me. Very odd this fault.

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    Thanks for the reply.  That’s what I was thinking as well.  It’s unfortunate because i quite like the laptop otherwise.  Hopefully the vendor will come up with a reasonable solution.

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    My advice… try to get a refund, not an exchange.  If you ask for an exchange from a CN vendor, you’ll get a new set of problems in somebody else’s returned unit.  Get your money back, then try the slot machine again (order another F7).

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    close down all battery and  monitoring apps.

    and then see my post here

    if it drains as much as you report than while plugged in there should be a discharge shown – take a picture and show.
    worst case scenario, full brightness full processor power with unlimited turbo time (my setting) and 2 external hdd. Thant can easily bring you over 20 watts.

    I noticed on a new computer windows does a bunch of tasks in the background what drains a lot and makes the uncooled pc quite hot. open the task manager and resource monitor and you should find what is draining your juice.

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