Thermal mod / TDP increase – viable option for gaming?

Thermal mod / TDP increase – viable option for gaming?

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    I’ve ordered a few different thermal pad thicknesses but I am not sure how to check what is the correct thickness, how do I go about knowing that what I’ve applied is making contact to the underside of the case?

    Will I need to remove anything from the underside of the case or will contact with any material it makes contact with be enough?

    Does the battery come in contact with the underside I don’t want to cause a temperature spike in the battery cells.

    I’m hoping to avoid thermal throttling without loosing performance.

    I’ve noticed the connectors take a lot of pulling to unplug anything this includes the USB-C and HDMI connectors very strong.

    Chris G
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    You’ll know, normally it’s 1mm or two the gap. More pressure is better for thermals. But if you also plan on tweaking the power limits, make sure you keep a close eye on the thermals. Don’t let it get too hot or thermal throttle. If not you might be better off adding a copper shim to it.

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    Just got my thermal pads in the post 0.5 and 1.0 and 1.5 mm. Would a square big enough to apply into the dip or recces where I assume the CPU is located be enough? I don’t plan on having drastic drops but if I see 10*C less for CPU package I can see performance having some increase without playing with power settings.

    Street Fighter V is pushes the temperature to the highest I’ve seen at 93*C which is well above ideal.

    How do I check I check if the battery makes contact to the underside of the case? I can only assume the black sheet is to prevent heat spreading to the battery and is heat insulation an X-Acto knife would allow to to make clean and accurate removal of small square.

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    What I did on my Chuwi Hi13 was repaste and a larger thermal pad, lowered max temps about 7 degrees C, but the back will get really hot gaming. Core M3 is much hotter so repaste and add more copper. See chris’s thermal mode like this

    Try the same and it should be much cooler.

    Also Gareth, do you recommend the F6 Pro? I’m also looking at the F7. Did you get it with Gearbest, which postage method did you use I want to avoid VAT & Tax if possible. I’m in London.

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    I’m not bothered about the back getting hot as I place it on a cooling stand, never on my lap or bed.

    I find the metal stand sticks to the magnets that are built into the notebook which is handy. I wonder with the case getting hot and the fans blowing air if this will help to lower temperatures that much further. I don’t plan on doing a repaste just a simple thermal pad addition.


    I’ve been very pleased with my F6 Pro certainly after fixing the sound pop as mentioned in the F7 review not all units will have an issue with the speaker power state. Just wish the microphone wasn’t an issue it is strange that the F7 appears to share the same manufacturer of speaker but I think Teclast put the mic in a better location in the F7.

    I did get it on Gearbest when it was $450 with free accessories pack but they stopped the free accessories. UK priority line not the express option they will charge a small fee but the postage takes about a week but I noticed now because of the holiday it will take a while longer.

    <label class=”sub_lineRadio”>UK priority mail </label>
    <span class=”w_subColTime”>19 – 24 business days</span>
    <span class=”my_shop_price w_subColShippingPrice”>£2.<i>52</i></span>
    I do see a new option today
    <label class=”sub_lineRadio”>GB priority mail </label>
    <span class=”w_subColTime”>13 – 21 business days</span>
    <span class=”my_shop_price w_subColShippingPrice”>£0.<i>00</i></span>
    They did have UK express as an option but this went via Yodel and compared to the option that went via Royal Mail takes three times longer.
    I do see EU express but I don’t know how that works.
    I know they do something like drop-shipping to a UK business or team who than forward to one of two delivery networks. I’ve never been taxed this way and they declare at silly low value.
    I’ve been gaming Street Fighter V at 720p windowed 48-55 fps, Rocket League, Overwatch, Ryse son of Rome, Disc Jam, GTA V & IV and for a laugh Final Fantasy XV that wouldn’t pass 8fps but without mods that didn’t stand a chance. To get an idea on performance see the GPD Win 2 they have identical CPU and Ram performance the only major difference is the cooling fan and screen size resulting in some performance difference.
    I’ve tried the headphone port without any static for me and the HDMI port works great. I’m sure with the type-c hub and HDMI out you could have three screen display setup.
    Temperatures – 42*C with Firefox lots of tabs, highest I’ve seen was on Street Fighter V 93*C but thats the only game to push it that high. Ryse son of Rome sat at 78*C  and GTA 5 mostly hit 85*c.
    I’ve been using the USB 3.0 to plug in my external SSD to play games so avoid high internal SSD temperatures which may have helped already in performance.
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    6:50 Heatsink Mod – 
    <h5 class=”title style-scope ytd-video-primary-info-renderer”>Jumper EZBook 3 Pro</h5>

    4:30 Thermal Mod
    <h4 class=”title style-scope ytd-video-primary-info-renderer”>Cube Thinker i35 Thermal Mod</h4>
    I’ll be looking at these.

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    hi everyone! when i play game my F6 its not go more than 75*C “(with dragon ball figherZ for exemple)

    but the laptop is very very hot around the left side of keyboard  and the back.

    Is it the same for you ?

    and any idea for the battery can be last longer more than 5 hours !??

    so sorry for my english i m french .


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    left side also gets very hot for me i have not tried the back as i use a cooling stand with high air flow fan.
    without knowing what games you play i cant say how well that compares to my peak temperatures.
    Ive only tried really demanding games such as gta5, ryse son of rome, gta4, overwatch, halo online, sea of thieves.

    battery life if 5 hours for gaming is great and far better than you’d expect.
    i get 8 hours with normal browsing and 70?% brightness.

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    hi !
    i do Heatsink Mod but its still around 75C to 80C for any kind of crazy game like gta, dragon ball fighterZ and many more.
    but its sepcaly hot when i touch the back side of the laptop…. its really burn my hands lol
    Tf its the same for you so i think it’s normal….

    for the batteriy life you got 8 hour? really ????? me it’s no more than 5h in normal use.
    if i play game it’s around 3h30.

    did you do something in Bios ? or you used something for improve your battery life ?

    thanks again ! 🙂

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    hi !
    i do Heatsink Mod but its still around 75C to 80C for any kind of crazy game like gta, dragon ball fighterZ and many more.
    but its sepcaly hot when i touch the back side of the laptop…. its really burn my hands lol
    Tf its the same for you so i think it’s normal….

    for the batteriy life you got 8 hour? really ????? me it’s no more than 5h in normal use.
    if i play game it’s around 3h30.

    did you do something in Bios ? or you used something for improve your battery life ?

    thanks again ! ?

    Which heatsink mod did you perform? If the thermal pad is touching the underside of the metal case then this will move a lot of the heat to the underside and will get very hot as it acts as extension to heatsink. It is to be expected that if you did only a thermal pad mod for temperatures to be 10C less maybe in some cases only 5C less.

    Check Intel XTU do you still hit thermal throttling ?

    You will see many reviews on youtube also confirming 8 hour battery life is possible with lowered screen brightness. This is with web, email and other light usage.
    i haven’t changed anything in bios or used anything special just a lower screen brightness and when operating from battery choosing better performance mode not best performance.

    Have you got the latest drivers for intel wireless and Bluetooth chips and latest intel hd graphics driver? intel driver support assistant download that and make sure you have latest drivers.

    please let me know which thermal mod you performed and did you remove or cut down the black sheet that is on the underside of the case at the bottom?

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    Hi all,

    Recently got the Teclast F6 Pro, and pretty impressed with the build quality! Screen isn’t super bright, but as Chris said in his review it’s perfectly usable indoors.

    My only concern is the thermals. Under normal use it’s perfect, but heavy load and the temperatures are reaching 80C+ which is too high for me. I opened up the bottom cover, but to my surprise:

    • The bottom cover feels like it’s PLASTIC rather than a metal alloy. Does anybody know if it is actually plastic, or just a  really low grade of metal mixed with plastic?
    • What is the purpose of the black pad on the bottom cover? Is it for thermal insulation to keep the heat in, or a pad to spread the heat to the bottom cover?
    • Since the bottom is seemingly plastic, what is the best thermal mod here to spread the heat? Is a 1mm thermal pad  still viable for contact between the copper heatplate and back cover?
    • Is it advisable to get a 0.5mm copper sheet, and mount it beneath the battery area, to “extend” the main copper heatplate?
    • Is it  worthwhile changing the heatsink paste underneath the heatplate, and/or adding a copper shim?

    Thanks in advance!

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    hi ! let me give me some informations to you.

    Frist for gaming on your F6 is not supose to go more than 70C with good thermal mod. ( so 80C its sill fine but no more !!)
    About bottom part… i think the same… its really look like plastic. when i compar with my EZBOOK 3 PRO i can see…
    For the best thermal mod. me i put a 0.8mm Copper Shim thermal Pad onback cover. (its touche the batterie a bit but its ok… looklike its not problem)

    And on the CPU put small Copper Shim to

    if anyting is good. you can play game like dark souls 2 with 70C max ! and 60fps ( in low set of course )

    hope its help you 😉

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    Thank you for your help! This is really useful information.

    Since we are pretty sure the bottom cover is made of plastic, I have ordered a thin 200mm x 100mm copper sheet, 0.5mm so very thin and flexible. I will glue this to the back of the bottom cover so that the heat can be spread evenly and better through the plastic.

    Then I have ordered two thermal pads.

    • 80mm x 40mm x 1mm
      This one has very high thermal conductivity, so I will use this between the existing copper heatplate and the new copper sheet on the bottom of the cover, so that it can make proper contact and spread more heat.
    • 100mm x 100mm x 1mm
      The 60mm thermal pad won’t cover the entire copper heatplate, so I will use this one to make contact with the rest and maybe install the excess over the battery area? Not sure yet.

    I have  also ordered a small 1mm copper shim to go underneath the existing copper heatplate. Hopefully it will increase the surface area and cool the CPU down further… but it is no big dilemma if it doesn’t fit.


    I will take plenty of pictures to show my work and progress, and maybe do some ‘before’ and ‘after’ thermal testing.

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    I just got mine yesterday. I noticed temps over 85 C several times during windows updates.  And it sure gets hot on the left side.

    Looking forward to those pics of your mod @Olly

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    Hello everyone. I recently got a Teclast F6, very satisfied with it, but I don’t like either how hot it gets on the left side. I was thinking about getting a big copper sheet (like 10×20 cm), and applying it on the back, so the heat is spread more evenly through the bottom instead of just accumulating on the left side.

    The only drawback is that it would make the battery get hotter. Do you think it can impact negatively on the battery’s longevity?

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