USB-C port – display out issues

USB-C port – display out issues

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    At least this hub NEEDS a usb type C power supply to work with any hdmi screen regardless of its size – even 10 inch displays does not work without this power supplied hub – never had an experience with usb type c hubs before so pretty surprised. The card shipped with the hub said that the hub would get power from the laptop through its usb type c connection to the laptop.

    When I run into the trouble that usb type hdmi out seems to not work I also checked to connect the i 35 to a wireless display created by adding a miracast dongle to that hdmi port of the monitor. That had worked great so I checked that miracast stuff again while connected via USB type C HDMI out to a 4 K screen. Worked quite well too, so now 3 displays in a row: laptop screen, usb type c hdmi out and wireless display. Great way to deal with even more complex needs and scenarios.


    what did you do to make that hub working ?

    I got it last year and was away from home since so I did not use it with a monitor. Now I started to connect and use it but I did not get any picture on the hdmi screen or tv or monitor … I bought it from the dx link mentioned above .

    I am running i35 on windows 10 newest version 1903 – from may 2019. Any ideas ?

    Good luck - WOLF

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    Have to say that my experience of a non powered hubs have been fairly patchy over the years.. You  have to make sure you aren’t using too many ports on the adapter simultaneously. A problem I gather with most non powered hubs and rarely something to do with the laptop.

    However, my adapters HDMI port was working consistently for a while and then stopped working altogether. All other ports are working just fine. But come what may I cannot get the HDMI working anymore. I’ve decided to get a powered hub in future when funds are more available.

    But I was curious if anyone had a similar issue and resolved it at all? Maybe the i35 (or all laptops) reach a limit of how much power it can send individually to each port on its laptop, regardless if all ports are being used or not. It’s a vague solution given my HDMI port was working before, but maybe someone had a similar issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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