Teclast X98 Air 3G / Air II Review

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Another retina tablet, but with a difference. The X98 Air 3G comes in three flavors, Android, Windows and dual boot.

Teclast has been stepping up their game as of late and it’s starting to show. Ever since Chinese tablet manufacturers have gotten their hands on decent hardware and the recently upgraded entry level Atom Z3637’s bay trail soc’s things are picking up. No longer are high-resolution screens just for iPad’s or the Windows top-end tablets. Nowadays, there is a huge range of Chinese tablets shipping with the Ipad retina screen. I say Ipad retina screen because it’s the exact same screen used in the Ipad Air. An LG 9.7″ IPS 2048 x 1533 unit with a nice 264-pixel density, so not only is it sharp it also has good colors, contrast and viewing angles thanks its IPS technology.


The X98 Air 3G has an Intel Atom quad-core Z3536F that can boost up to 2.16 GHz turbo. Up 300Mhz over the older Z3535F which was used in the previous X98 Model. 2GB of ram on board at 1333Mhz which is a standard affair for this class of cheap tablet. A 32GB eMMC drive capable of 120mbs to 170mbs read and 50-70 write. It depends on which model you get, Teclast is currently using BIWIN, Toshiba and Hynix eMMC 4.5 flash drives in the unit, which one you get is down to luck. It’s often a lottery with these tablets. Edit: As of late most units are shipping with the slower BIWIN eMMC.

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The Air II is basically the same unit, just without the GPS and 3G modem which supports the following bands: 2G network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz and 3G network W-CDMA 900 / 2100 Mhz.

Camera wise you have a 2MP front camera and an auto focus 5MP camera. Both of fairly average quality, but decent enough for video chat. The rear camera can shoot 1080p video at 30 fps, but your mobile phone would record much better clips.


The screen as mentioned above is an LG 9.7″ IPS 2048 x 1533 panel, which is now common on this type of budget tablet shipping out of China nowadays. Brightness is good and the viewing angles are as you would expect for an IPS. The glass touchscreen, however, it is super reflective and I pain to use outdoors even at maximum brightness it’s barely visible.

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The touch screen is a G+G type and the IPS screen has a 0.5-1mm or so gap between them, like the Ipad Air and unlike the Air 2 they are not laminated and bonded together. Which is a shame, but it must have come down to some cost cutting.



Originally the Air 3G was only available with Android 4.4.4 since the CPU isn’t an ARM based one and X86 I can run Windows. Teclast allowed users to flash a Windows bios and then Windows 8.1. And as of today, they now have a dual boot, Android, and Windows 8.1 model that ships with the OS or OS’s installed from the factory so no messing about with risky flashing.

My first Air 3G I got my hands on came with Android 4.4.4 with a Teclast launcher, broken Play Store, and Chinese bloatware. The experience wasn’t a good one, that is until I got root, removed the bloatware, fixed the Play Store and install Nova launcher. Even so, I didn’t enjoy Android on this device so as soon as I could I flashed over to Windows 8.1, a much better experience in my opinion.


Gaming and Benchmarks:

Titles like Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger and Asphalt 8 ran fine under Android. Windows 8.1 gaming ran everything from the Store I threw at it. Older x86 games like Half Life 2 ran great and even Civ 5 was playing (with touch too!)

Here’s is a quick demo video of a few games I tested.

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Build Quality

This is where this tablet excels over the likes of the Onda v975v/w, The build is solid and it feels much more than a $199 tablet. No complaints here. The rear is a unibody alloy metal and it has a nice feel to it. The finish doesn’t show up fingerprints or smudges and since the from glass bezels are white they too are good for not showing greasy fingerprints. Unlike black tablets which tend to show everything.


Audio quality:

The two rear speakers are loud under Windows 8.1, a little less running Android. They lack a bit of midrange and have vertically no bass as one would expect for the tiny little speakers. Still I found the were perfectly fine for the odd Youtube video and Skype session. Using my in-ear headphones, the sound quality is excellent. Crystal clear and zero background hiss which is a common thing on Chinese devices, but not here. I would have to say it has one of the better audio outputs via the 3.5mm jack. Note: The headphone jack used supports 2 pole stereo plugs. If you plug in a headset that has a mic or remote it will work, but sound odd unless you pull the plug out a little.


Battery Life:

I can easily get around 7 hours on Windows with about 30% brightness, WiFi and Bluetooth on. Watching a 45 minute Walking Dead H.264 clip I lost only 9% battery life. All in all the battery life on Windows is very decent and in Android they battery life seems to take a bit of a hit. It seems to be a little heavier on the ram or perhaps due to the CPU running at 2.13 GHz more often.

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I think it’s safe to say that for the money this one of the best Chinese tablets you can get at the time of this review. And you have the choice to swap operating systems or run dual boot which is a definite added bonus. The battery life offered is one of the best I’ve come across on a Chinese tablet. If Teclast could fix anything with the X98 Air 3G it would only be to stick to using the faster brands of eMMC drives as my BWIN eMMC was one of the slowest I’ve tested.

This rating I have given is based on the system running Windows 8.1 more than Android, if I was just reviewing the Android unit it would be 7/10 due to the broken Play store and the horrible stock launcher.

(Since December 2014, Teclast has fixed the broken Play store with a firmware update.)


Buy this Product$180 at Banggood for the 64GB model (recommended)



  • Retina Ipad screen is super sharp and clear
  • Dual boot versions or flash it yourself
  • Great battery life
  • Large XDA community following
  • Nice solid build and finish
  • Atom Z3637F is a little faster than the Z3635F
  • Crystal clear audio via 3.5mm port


  • 3.5mm jack is Apple/Mot type
  • Hardware lottery - First unit we got had a little touch lag
  • Connected Standby drains about 6% battery per hour.
  • A ratther slow BIWIN eMMC drive


Design & Build - 8
Performance - 8
Sound - 8
Screen - 9
Battery Life - 8


  1. I have a x98 that will not recognize the 3g sim when inserted on both windows and android, are their any updated drivers that will fix this?

  2. Hey guys, I just found this tablet for less than $90 on geekbuying with the coupon “TeclastX89Kindow”. Is it a good buy at that price?

  3. Hi everyone
    I have a problem with my Teclast x98 air 3g 64GB dual boot.
    The option to choose android or windows doesn’t appear when I restart my tablet.
    Can anyone please help me to get that option back as I cannot use android now.
    Your help shall be highly appreciated.

    • Shutdown tablet then 1- click on voleum+ key and power key together when see logo then pul from power key only .

    • Like the X98 Air only no modem and sim slot. It’s a good tablet, you can use Mirek190’s Roms and flash Android to use the whole eMMC if you wish. Android would be gone and then disable the dual boot selector on boot.

  4. Teclast x98 air 3g Android 5.0 does not have a menu (option) Users. I can not add a new user or guest account.

  5. Hello there. You seem to be very experienced with testing Chinese tablets, so I’ll ask you some questions about the following 2 tablets. Sorry in advance for the very long post! You may have answered some of these questions in the other comments, but I couldn’t read them as they are too many. Sorry if that’s the case!

    Teclast X98 Air 3G (64 GB variant):
    1. Does it come with a 64-bit Windows 10, and are the CPU and BIOS both 64-bit?
    2. Which is it: Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro? Can you upgrade to Pro if it’s Home?
    3. Is it possible to install Linux on it (i.e. triple multiboot: Win10/Android 5.1/Linux or dualboot: Win10/Linux)? 🙂
    4. Is the screen scratch-resistant, or do I need to buy a screen protector for it?
    5. Can I flash it to Win 8.1 Pro/Enterprise instead of Win 10?
    6. Does it support a pen stylus?
    7. The audio jack of the X98 Air 3G doesn’t support a microphone, right?

    Teclast X98 Pro (64 GB):
    1. Does it come with a 64-bit Windows 10, and are the CPU and BIOS both 64-bit?
    2. Which is it: Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro? Can you upgrage to Pro if it’s Home?
    3. Is it possible to install Linux on it (i.e. triple multiboot: Win10/Android 5.1/Linux or dualboot: Win10/Linux)? 🙂
    4. Is the screen scratch-resistant, or do I need to buy a screen protector for it?
    5. Can I flash it to Win 8.1 Pro/Enterprise instead of Win 10?
    6. Does it support a pen stylus?
    7. Do you think that Teclast will release a 3G and/or 4G version of the Teclast X98 Pro?
    8. What is your experience with SD cards under Android with this tablet? Some people have reported that SD cards don’t work under Android with this tablet…
    9. Can a 3G USB SIM card adaptor get us that missing 3G feature that the X98 Air 3G has (on Win 1o and/or Android)? Will the Win10/Android drivers handle that?

    1. The battery life of which of the two is better: Teclast X98 Air 3G (64 GB variant) or the Teclast X98 Pro (64 GB)?
    2. Also, where can I buy the X98 Air 3G – it seems to have disappeared from all e-shops (I’m talking about the Intel Z3736F model that also has GPS, not the Z3535F model which is without GPS)?
    3. And, finally, which of the two do you recommend: the Teclast X98 Air 3G (64 GB) or the Teclast X98 Pro (64 GB variant)?

    Thanks in advance for your generous answers!

  6. Hi Chris,

    What is the material of the screen ? Gorilla glass ou just platic ?


    • Glass, but standard soda lime type. Not scratch resistant!

  7. Chris, might seem an obvious answer but you can make/receive calls in Android on this phablet? Plus what is the eMMC split on 64Gb models (Windows10/Android5)?

  8. Hi
    How to solve game freeze in teclast x98 air 3g. Please help me.

  9. Hi sir I have teclast x98 air 3g its run on its official android 4.4.4 ROM and win8.1 its a dual boot the problem is between the volume is very low in android and in win 8.1 is high volume please advice me to boost volume in android thanks and waiting for your kind reply.

  10. Hi Chris, what is your experience with returns on aliexpress? We just unpacked teclast x98 3g and it freezes and reboots after 3 min in both android and windows. Since i bought it as a gift and it sat on a shelf for a couple if weeks, the buyer protection has expired 🙁

  11. hi Chris,

    Love your reviews and videos.
    I think I saw a YouTube video where you needed to buy a windows license key to activate windows.
    Does this tablet come with the windows license that I can activate without charge/fee?
    If it does, can you help answer the below questions since I have no knowledge of android especially dual boot systems.
    I like to back up and copy all my PC/tablet hard drive. I only have windows systems. With the Asus me400c tablet, I would attach a USB recovery flash drive, external hdd and keyboard then press the vol. down and on buttons and it would boot into boot menu choice.
    1) how would one boot into boot menu choice so one can boot from a USB drive in case of recovery with a 3rd party recovery software such as Macrium Reflect.
    2) can I use a windows software to recover both android and windows (dual boot system) for entire hdd or do I need a android software also.
    If I buy this tablet, I need to know how to back up the entire system in case of crash instead of starting all over especially if I delete the androids partition following your YouTube instructions. thank

  12. hi.
    I bought Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB(c5j6) for a month.
    but freezing & restarting when playing 3D.
    The solution found : http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/teclast-x98-air-ii-3d-games-freeze-t3017139
    but I could not do. ):
    Please show solutions through videos on YouTube & share link.
    please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Thanks

  13. Chris,

    Two questions:

    1) Why do you suggest using a “3 Pole Angled Male to 4 Pole Female Audio Extension”, which would only serve a 4 pole jack? As I can’t find the complete original question I wonder about that. I use a 3-pole Y splitter and two ear-phones when watching movies with my wife, and it suits very well. A bit tricky to increase volume though.

    2) Can I use that GPS as such on my car? Which program works with it?

  14. Hi, Chris
    may i know have you test the maximum read and write speed of memory card in this tablet?
    what is the speed?

    • Around 22-23mb/s they are normall all at that speed. This was a 64GB Samsung Evo microsd card.

  15. Can someone comment on the WIFI pickup strength please. Wondering if this has 2.4ghz or 5ghz, and/or 2×2 MIMO etc. Some devices with metal cases have troubles such as the Transformer Prime. How does this tabs wifi perform if you are say in another room about 100 feet from the Router/Modem? Thanks

    • Hi, these tablets all you Realtek Wireless N adapters, with are 2.4Ghz and upto 150mbps only. The antenna is behind a plastic strip at the top of the tablet, so it doesn’t suffer the Asus transformer issues you mention. Wireless strength is good and I have no issues using it upstairs while my router is down stairs.

      • Thanks Chris for the information. Now I need to decide if I want to wait a bit more to see if Chuwi releases a 64gb model of the vi10. I think the full size USB and the matching keyboard, and maybe its dark color is making me hold off getting the Teclast, which clearly seems like the better tab. But I really want a full USB. There are so many plus’s and con’s of each it isn’t even funny, lol. Maybe I should just get both, haha.

        That is my underlying problem, I must have 64gb and a full usb to work with. If I go with the Chuwi then I need to figure out how to remove Androids partitions, regain that space for Windows and mod in a permanent USB drive, and well you said it does not feel like it can be opened due to possible glass breakage.

  16. Hi Chris,
    I have a issue with my microSD card. I bought 64Gb microSDHC/SDXC UHS-I class 10 (A-DATA). It is no problem in windows, but in Android I can not see any external storage. Only from the beginning, there was a message in notification, something like “Your SD card is ready to remove” and now Android is simply not detecting the memory card. The card is formatted in exFat. I would like also to use it in Android, do you have any idea what to do? I have X98 AIR II 64Gb dual boot (HG9M) version.

    • Did you try to see if Android see’s it using the FAT32 format? That way you know if its just a driver issue or a hardware issue. Most Android devices do not have native support for exFAT and the manufacturer has to include the exFAT drivers in its firmware. There are apps that may help you though.

  17. I’m torn between teclast x10 and x98 teclast air 3g . I want primarily to take notes , work and watch movies . ¿ How are you screens with a stylus work? What would you recommend stylus tablet and me ? It’s compatible with Wacom Stylus Fineline or Adonit Jot Script Evernote for example. Thank you very much .

    • Hi, it’s not compatible with any stylus. Only the Cube i7 Stylus works with a wacom stylus. It’s due to be released soon.

  18. I know you did a review of this tablet against the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Power wise, you said it was pretty unfair. How would the Teclast stack up against the original Surface Pro with Windows 8? Would the Surface Pro be much quicker, faster, more powerful than the X98 Air 3G?

    • Hi, the Surface Pro is still much much faster than this the bay trail Z3736F.

  19. What is the maximum capacity supported for micro-sd cards?

  20. Hello Chris.

    I’ve just ordered the 64gb version on geekbuying. Do You know if they replaced that slow hdd on the 64gb?
    Thank you from Norway 🙂

    • Hi, not sure if they have replaced the slower drives. Teclast seem ot use various eMMC stock, Hynix if your lucky. About you should have around 140 read and 40 write at least. Any higher and your one of the lucky ones.

  21. Appreciate all the work that you do here. Looking into getting the X98 Air 3G 64GB and wanted to ask/confirm a few things.

    1. The 64 GB still uses the faster memory chip with better read/write speeds, correct?
    2. To your knowledge, are there any hard cases for this with a built in keyboard and touchpad/trackpad?
    3. You have stated that you get these tablets from Aliexpress with no trouble. As of today, the 64 3G is $215 with DHL shipping on geekbuying.com, who you have used a couple of times. Banggood.com is a couple dollars more. Were your Geekbuying purchases for something at this price point or should I stick to Aliexpress. Asking if Geekbuying and Banggood are trustworthy

    I could have sworn I had more questions but they are escaping me now. Thanks for your time

    • Hi,

      1. It’s no faster, but just larger storage there.
      2. No keyboards like that for the model, just generic bluetooth ones around.
      3. I use both Ali Express and Geekbuying without any issues and yes it was a tablet around $200-$300. I haven’t used banggood so I can’t comment on their service.

      • Thanks for your answers. Are the 64Gbs shipping with the BIWINs now? I thought there was a conversation earlier in the comments about the Hynix eMMC being 20Mbs faster on read/write. Sucks if they have changed that.

        • Various brands now, but I saw some benchmarks, even a Hynix and it wasn’t much faster than the 32GB Bwins.

  22. I wonder if there will be a OTA update for android 5.0?

  23. I’m still waiting for my x98 Air II 64G to come from geekbuying. I see a lot of people changing roms, rooting, and other mods. Not sure if I want to really fool around with this and risk bricking it. So, if change the language to english, disable the Chinese apps in settings, and install a different launcher, would the tablet still work just fine?

    Also, has anyone ordered theirs from geekbuying? I have never used this site before and just a little nervous but the price was the cheapest out there at the time.

    • You’ll be fine doing that, the main issue was the Teclast launcher is a little laggy so people like Mirek190 made custom roms that and more fluid and just a bit nicer on the talbet than the stock offering.

      I’ve order from Geekbuying.com over 4-5 times now and they are good. No issues, I like it how they support paypal where Ali Express doesn’t.

  24. The full official Windows 10 is coming out in 2 months, do you recommend? Will all the drivers work? Will sleep/wake work? What about the battery? Will it hold its 6 hours?

    • Ive tested Windows 10 on the tablet, it works, I used the Windows 8.1 drivers they are the same so no issues there.

      • Do you know, if there will be the official free update for Windows 10 as well?
        Couldn”t find anything on the internet.

        • Yes there should be a free update for all the Windows 8.1 Bing tablets.

  25. Hallo Chris,
    Thank you for your nice reviews. Your review was one of reasons why I buy Teclast X98 Air II 64Gb Dual OS (HG9M).
    I receive my new tablet few days ago. From the beginning there was some issues with chinese aps and localisation specially in Win, but I make some adjustments and now I am really satisfied with tablet performance.
    To clear all issues with this tablet, I would like to ask you some points:
    1. Android – can you recommend me some software which can easy ande safely root this tablet?
    2. Win – I see, there is Office 13, but when I open it there is instalation screen all in Chinese, is there any chance to switch to English?
    3. switch system – from the beginning I had a problem to switch system. It always boot only to Win. Then I setup booting by “volume +” during strating, now it is possible to choose the system when tablet is starting. But there is still not functional combination “power” and “volume+” to switch system without log out (shut down). Do you have any ideha what is going on?
    4. charger – today I am charging first time, but charger is making some noise, is that normal?

    Thank you for comments 🙂

  26. can i buy from aliexpress and order to india

    • Yes of course, most sellers ship worldwide.

      • can It power external 3G data card and pendrive directly or I have to use usb hub. Should I wait for new Chinese tablet and any idea how much price increases with new Intel chipset. Please continue good work

        • It can power it directly, the new Cherry Trail tablets from China haven’t yet been annouced. I expect they will be in a few months for Q4 release.

  27. help, I’m able to add widgets on all my android devices but when I received my Teclast tablet, I can’t seem to add any widgets at all? how do you add widget to this Android OS on Teclast??? thanks

    • Hello

      I think the ROM is like that.
      Very disappointed also…

    • Did you root the device? You may need root in order to do something like that, or a custom ROM.

  28. few question to ask
    do you prefer onda v919 or teclast x98 for window 8.1 game?
    is both the teclast x98 3g and air 2 using the same hynix emmc?

  29. Hi, please help me.
    I bought Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB for a month. In windows, after run update and restart, I can login into windows. It always run and stop at Welcome screen and also can not shutdown.
    It is still ok when I choose running in android mode.

    Now I want to restore or reinstall win8.1 and still keep android. How can I do to run into recovery mode (because I saw the recovery partition when windows still run well) or how to re-install windows 8.1.
    Thank you very much.

  30. Hello

    Can someone knows what is this android OS ? it seems to be a lighter version
    Widget are not possible
    An idea ?

  31. Hi! I have the battery calibration bug, and want to fix it with the dual boot bios. But which Tablet do I have (c7jblah)? I have the white 64gb air 3g. Thanks!

    • Try draining the battery until it will not power on. Leave it overnight to full charge. This can fix it, sometimes not. We need Teclast to fix it for good, but so far this is a dual os bios issue.

      • Okay, will try! If not, will the updated bios thingy work?

        • gustav did you fix your battery issue?

  32. For me, you don’t need to search until inside the bios.
    Just disable the gps and don’t insert sim card in your tablet and it should be enough.
    Anyway, there is no setup about this in the bios if I don’t mind

  33. okay thank you,.

  34. hey Chris, I guess you have no solution for my concern.

    Anyway, it’s actually cheaper there. for the 64GB version.

    • Sorry, Its hard to answer every question. I have limited time and not the official support for these tablets. To answer your question you would need a custom partition.tbl file allocating all free space to Android and to reflash your tablet. Try posting on the XDA X98 thread for this someone might have done it.

  35. Hi,
    i want an air II with the 64gb better quality drive?
    can i just buy air 64gb and disable gps and 3g in the bios to save battery…i wont need them, is this easy?
    basically how can i make an air 64gb behave like an air ii?

  36. Hi Chris,
    I know you have lots on your hands with new tablets, but maybe you didn´t notice my question about a week ago:

    “Out of the box, my X98 Air 3G has always started with the dual boot screen with easy selection of Windows or Android. But a few days ago something happened. Pressing the start button now always skips the dual boot screen and only starts the last choice. I was of the brim of becoming desperate when I remembered something I had read somewhere about pressing the volume control at the same time as the start button and then I was back in business. But the automatic appearance of the dual boot start screen seems to be history now.
    Do you have any idea how I can bring it back? And how could this happen?”

    • Do just that to bring back the boot screen selector, on boot hold the vol+ button and then tock the box on the top left to keep this screen enabled on boot.

      • Lots of thanks, Chris! I had (barely) seen those diminutive boxes before, but not paid attention, since I couldn´t figure out what they were good for. I must have unintentially ticked that box when I lost the dual boot screen.
        This is a good example of why a proper English user manual is needed.

  37. IMHO those Chinese tablet manufacturers might start looking at the Western markets, and provide support for them: tutorials, updates, etc.

    Not everybody seems to understand Chinese like Chris does!

    They might get a name for themselves and renovate what Westen manufacturers are making available. One case is question is some form of HD video input, via cable or Bluetooth, for DSLR cameras, that have ridiculous small screens, only useful for settings, and you need to use heavy monitors, with heavy batteries, for serious monitoring.

  38. Hi this is a great review and very helpful!
    Im thinking of purshasing a tablet that needs to have dual boot (candy chrush for my girlfriend :D), be quite cheap, mainly for browsing the web, extend picture to TV, a little bit watching movies and maybe work related stuff. Im thinking of Teclast X98 Air II or Pipo W3F vs Teclast
    Pipo W3F vs Teclast X98 Air II

    Which one do you find the best?
    I like the W3F a bit more because of its 16:10 instead of the X98 Air II:s 4:3. And the keyboard setup on the W3F is also very attractive for me.
    The static noice from the W3F earphone worries me a bit, but that could just be unlucky hardware for you?
    Playing Civ 5 on the X98 Air II is a plus but maybe that is not viable in the later stages of the game.
    What do you think?

    (Im Posting in both comment sections just in case 🙂 )

  39. It’s quite likely I will not be using Windows 8 for a dual-boot, as I don’t like W8.

    Should I do something, or is there any benefit in uninstalling it? How do I do that?

    For me It would be much better if I could install Windows 7 instead, but I don’t think it’s possible. Is it?

    • Windows 7 you will run into driver issues I think. I don’t recommend it.

  40. Hey guys.. i recently encountered a problem with this tab.
    My windows booting is not visible in the boot screen. its directly booting to android only.
    Even resetting also dint resolve the issue ..

    Is it due to prolonged usage of android instead of windows or any other problem which needs to be checked

    Can anyone guide me in this regards?

    • Hold Vol+ on the next reboot and you’ll have the boot menu back.

  41. Hi Chris – your youtube videos have been invaluable thanks… one thing I can’t understand is which rom I should try for a 64Gb Air II (HG9M)… Everytime I download the official rom the rar fails to unpack system.img, I’ve tried the HG6N system.img and the flashing works but the results are weird (touch screen unusable).. which of mikrek roms can I try to get a 32G android partition without upsetting the windows/bios?

  42. after you bought the dual boot version, how do you install android only system on this tablet? cuz I wanna increase space for android system. In another words, how do you delete windows on this tablet? thanks so much

  43. Hello,
    1. I’m mostly interested in display quality, which device would you recommend: X10HD, X16HD, X98 Air 3G?
    2. On 9.7″ sized tablets i stuck between the X98 Air 3G and the Cube i6 Air 3G. The black finish, faster emmc and general build quality seems more superior on the Cube – on the other hand the Teclast is easier obtainable for me and has a bigger community on XDA.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    (sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language)

  44. Blessed day to you Chris
    Would you know the brand and performance of the emmc drive of the x98 64gb 3g or air 2?
    Or would you recommend i6 over these?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    You have a great day too

    • Hynix 64GB in the 64gb models and BWIN in the 32gb models. Around 150 read 40 write for the BIWIN and a bit more for the 64gb models.

      • I have a 64gb model with a Hynix module and it barely gets over 100 read and 40 write. I don’t know why it is so damn bad.

  45. Hi! Love the reviews! Just wondering if you have noticed any performance differences lately between the Air 3g and the Air II. And if so, which would you prefer when it comes to speed. Also, do you have a tutorial on how to complexly remove the android partition in order to free up space? Thanks

    • No, they are both exactly the same. Very easy, just delete all the raw partitions in Windows, those are the Android ones. Then disable the boot menu. Top left box on boot, untick it.

      • Chris, I don´t understand where how find the “raw partitions” in Windows or any “top left box on boot” that you can untick? Is it in Android and only after rooting?
        My real interest is not to get rid of Android and I rather want to enable than disable dual boot. This is my problem: Out of the box, my X98 Air 3G has always started with the dual boot screen with easy selection of Windows or Android. But a few days ago something happened. Pressing the start button now always skips the dual boot screen and only starts the last choice. I was of the brim of becoming desperate when I remembered something I had read somewhere about pressing the volume control at the same time as the start button and then I was back in business. But the automatic appearance of the dual boot start screen seems to be history now.
        Do you have any idea how I can bring it back? And how could this happen?

  46. Hi Chris,

    I want to buy a Teclast X98 Air II, but I’m interested in Windows only, and I don’t care about Android. But can I buy cheaper 32GB Android only unit, flash it to Dual Bios, and then install Windows (and delete Android partition)? Or must I buy Dual Bios unit?

    • No you can flash the dual boot bios and then just do the Windows install. No nee to flash Android.

  47. I would be very useful, probably to other people too, if Chris or someone could answer the questions I made above.


  48. Hello

    I just received the X98 64Go.
    I am very disappointed by the android side
    it is impossible to get Ethernet connection under android
    Android recognize max 32Go sdcard
    No widget possibility to display on desktop on android.
    No sleep mode when you close the case

    All what I need is not possible
    Now I have a tablet that I don’t want and if I want to send it back to china, it is under my cost.

  49. Now I’ve read all the comments and answers, so here go some of mine.

    In my case I choose Android at the beginning, and don’t even know how to work with double boot. But if it drains battery faster, I’m not sure if I shouldn’t stay in Android.

    1) In any of them, how do you turn on and off the unit? In another tablet I had, you kept the small button pressed, and it then asked you if you wanted to turn it off. That doesn’t seem to happen on the X98. How do I turn it off?

    2) Where’s the GPS they mention on the ads and how do you turn it on? Is it in English? Where do you get the maps? Can you get maps for anywhere in the world? Do you need to have a SIM plugged in?

    3) I should be using an usb hub to plug in an external keyboard and a mouse, as I prefer it over using the screen for both. Not Bluetooth KB for me, just cabled. Would the external supply still work as such through this hub?

    4) How do you plug in a cabled Ethernet or what should I buy to use it?

    5) Is there a way to go back to dual boot or is it worth it?

    6) Still no English Manual for the Android OS?

    7) How do prolong the on-mode state before it goes into sleep-mode?

    • I tried to connect an ethernet usb adapter but it does not work. It works only on windows.
      However, i have read that it should works on android too

  50. Hey chris, would you recommend getting the airII or the 3g?I noticed in one of your videos you mentioned that the responsiveness on the airII is better?

    • Either is good, just depends if you want 3g or need it. That was because my first Air 3G had a touchscreen lag issue that wasn’t present in other units I got.

      • thank you for your quick repsonse, appreciate it

  51. Hi chris so I am fairly new to buying tablets however knowledgeable in android and windows.I am thinking of buying this tablet and I have some questions

    1) what is the most reputable and cheap buyer?
    2) what are the standard partitions for android and windows and is it easy to increase the android partition size?
    3) does it still have all the bloatware or is it easy to remove now.
    4) is it clunky or is it good for gaming.
    Thank you for your time if u don’t buy this tablet would it be better to buy the x80f? I hear they are decent. Also is there a reasonable price difference between 32gb and 64gb?thanks

    • Hi to answer your questions:

      1) I would go with OKQI, Honestly Team or Ele on Ali Express. I tend to use these three sellers. OKQI pack the tablets the best and ship them via PostNL if your in the EU is the fastest.
      2) On the 32gb machines you get around 12GB in Windows and 6-7Gb in Android. No it’s no easy to increase the partition. You have to partition and format the tablets.
      3) They normall come with Chinese bloat, some you can uninstall, others require root access.
      4) They are good for gaming, just liek gaming on an iPad Air

      The X80h is okay, but this has a screen x10 times better and the 8 inch tablets I personally find to small for typing. I would get the X98 over the x80h.

      • Hello again thank you for the quick reply about the partitioning are there tutorials out their for it because some of the android game sare quite large if it is reaaly difficult then I won’t bother
        Another question. Is it the standard root procedure for the air 2 or does it need to be done specially and also out of the box how hard is it to change the languages to English and make it mostly stock windows and android? Thanks again for your time.my friend says these tablets are too good to be true.

  52. hi
    thanks for the great review.
    i have some questions before buying this tablet.
    1-is it possible to install 64bit windows on this tablet or any other intel atom bay-trail tablets ?
    2-is the GPS accessible in windows or is it for android only ?
    3-is the memory card accessible in both OSes ?
    4-how much does it take to fully charge and whats the charger specs ?

    do you recommend buying this tablet or is there a better one for the same money?

    • Hi,

      1. 64it OS is not possible as the UEFI bios is only 32Bit, even if the CPU supports 64bit, the bios to needs to be 64bit enabled.
      2. Yes it is.
      3. Yes, if you use fat32 format. Android can’t read ntfs
      4. 4 hours aprox, 2.5amp 5v

      This is the best dual boot tablet around, as for now.

      • Hi Chris

        I have been following your reviews and also asked some users from other forums who have the same model on the topic of GPS. Unfortunately, based on their replies, it is A-GPS.

        Can i verify the GPS issue with you?
        Is it a true blue GPS or A-GPS?

        If it is the former, using OpenMap in android (OSMand map), it should detect my location without connecting to 3G or WiFi services.

        If it is the latter, you will need to connect to either of the 2 services.

        If your model is indeed the GPS, then please recommend a site for me to buy from? I can also get it from your affiliate site too.

  53. Hi ! christ
    Could you help me find the driver file for BIWIN eMMC of teclast x80h dualboot. My x80h stuck in windows 8 installation when it could not find the hard drive to install.

    • Windows has the driver for that, the emmc’s don’t need drivers.

  54. Chris, any changes to the BAD points

    Play Store broken out of the box – fixed now isnt it?
    3.5mm jack is Apple/Mot type – what is that?
    Hardware lottery – First unit we got had a little touch lag – still? Or are they consistent now?
    Connected Standby drains about 6% battery per hour. – Fixed???
    A ratther slow BIWIN eMMC drive – is the 64GB version the same? Both versions still on BIWIN?

    Appreciate you might not know the answers but surely Teclast would tell you as your site must be where people thinking to buy come for information. Subscribed to your YouTube vids also. Really good style and info.

    • Hi James, To answer your questions:

      1) Yes Play Store is now working on these units, Teclast fixed that
      2) Well it’s like an Apple 3.5mm jack, mic and remotes will not work. Just plan old 2 pole stereo.
      3) Hardware lottery, not so much now, sicne the reviw I have had 4 of them and only one had the issue. Must have been fixed with later hardware revisions.
      4)Connected standby drain is an issue on all bay trail tablets I have had, Asus T100, T200ta, Dell Venue 11 Pro etc. It’s not fixed, there is a way to improve the drain via wireless driver and bt update. That does seem to lower the drain % per hour. Of course the battery is always going to drain in standby.
      5) They are still shipping the slow biwin eMMC’s, the 64GB versions have a Hynix eMMC, that is a bit faster around 150 read and 60 write.

      Glad you like my videos, I try my best 🙂

      • 4)Connected standby drain is an issue on all bay trail tablets I have had, Asus T100, T200ta, Dell Venue 11 Pro etc. It’s not fixed, there is a way to improve the drain via wireless driver and bt update. That does seem to lower the drain % per hour. Of course the battery is always going to drain in standby.

        Chris, which are/where do i find the wireless drivers and bt updates that reduce standby power drains?

  55. I just got my Teclast X98 in the USA. Problem is the manual is in Chinese and the soft seems to be too.

    Where do I get a manual in English or other languages, and how do I set English as the language for Android and Windows on the X98?

    • Hi in Android it’s easy, find the gear icon and then the A icon for language and you will see English in there. For Windows 8.1 follow this guide I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEQcOsODGss

      • Oh okay that’s great. I was wondering about that because I saw this in someones review:

        “Chinese only version of win 8.1 ( Mainland china can only get windows windows PRC ) due to piracy issues Microsoft makes a single language version that is all that is available in China with a licence. You have to buy a pro upgrade to gain ability to switch to English OS , otherwise Chinese pops up here and there . ”

        I guess they did not see your video, LOL. You are providing an exceptional service to us potential tablet buyers. Superb job. Superb website.

  56. Oh so you don’t want android, so why are you trying to flash it? You flashed the dual boot bios right? Go to windows i n the boot menu and then, run the usb stick and the Windows install from a a bootable usb drive you have made.

    • No no. Hahaahahaha. I bought one with dual boot. It has windows and Android installed. But I would line to install a different ROM. I dont want to remove Windows or Android. Just update Android with a better ROM.

    • Hi Chris! I installed the adb-setup-1.4.1.exe and all the drivers from Intel_MFG_Tool. When I connect the tablet I can see the sdcard and internal memory in my PC. But when I open the Device Manager I have a unknow device. The status is the following: Drivers for this device not installed (?!?). (Code 28). There is no compatible drivers for this device.
      I installed everything but My PC does not recognize the driver. I believe this is the reason I can access the tablet to flash a new ROM. I tried again in my PC and Notebook. But in both I can’t have a driver to work. I posted this on xda to see if they can help me too.
      By the way, thanks =D.

  57. Hi Cris! I am a big fan of your website! Congrats for the good job! I bought Teclast X98 Air II after reading your comments. Thanks.
    I bought a dual boot tablet. Well, I tried to flash just the system with the following ROM:
    X98 Air II (HG7N)-Android4.4.4-V1.02_elvisi (MEGA) — https://mega.co.nz/#F!S0B3hJoI!114VElC-x6_wd2T_S0vb2A
    I got a [FAILURE] Droidboot boot failure.
    ERROR: Port 0/0/1 #0: Booting to droidboot.img failed – SN : Baytrail000067DE.

    My model is HG8N. The android is working but is chinese version. Which ROM do you recommend for this model? Thanks for all help.

    More info.
    I have the HG8N model. Which ROM do you recomend for me? I want to keep the windows. I already have the dualboot. I am afraid to flash a wrong ROM and brick my tablet. Thanks!
    I followed the Techtablets walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLjayeQJg4Q
    I don’t know if the Setting parameters in General properties are right for this model: I put: VID: 8087, PID: 0A65, VID: 8087, PID: 09EF.
    In the tablet I have just the info “Entering Dnx mode. Waiting for fastboot command”.
    Nothing else.
    That’s it.
    Thanks for all help.

    • Hi, those ID’s are correct. If you have the dirvers installed and all set then it should work fine. Make sure you follow the guide exactly. Use a USB 2.0 port if you can rather than usb 3. I recommend Mireks 3.1 rom, flashing the Air 3G Rom on your model is safe and works fine, again same ID’s.

      • Do I need to be rooted to use the flash tool? Thanks!

        • No, not at all.

          • Cris, again thanks for your kind help.
            So I followed your video on youtube with no results. Here is a post that I did on xda:
            Is there anyone here with HG8N with trouble to flash a new android rom? I am trying to flash system only with the flash tool.
            This is what happens on my pc:
            04/15/15 19:21:02.927 INFO : Manufacturing Flash Tool V 6.0.43 (build on Sun May 18 12:29:29 PDT 2014)
            04/15/15 19:21:02.932 INFO : Loading settings from C:/ProgramData/INTEL/Manufacturing Flash Tool.ini
            04/15/15 19:21:02.946 INFO : Using Qt version: 4.8.1
            04/15/15 19:21:02.946 INFO : Using XFSTK version: 1.5.5.
            04/15/15 19:21:02.955 WARNING: Please select a flash file…
            04/15/15 19:21:07.238 INFO : Loading Flash file (C:/Users/Edmar/Desktop/Teclast/X98 Air 3G (C9J7) mirek190_v3.1/flash-system_only.xml)
            04/15/15 19:21:07.240 INFO : GP_Flag is set to 0x80000045
            04/15/15 19:21:07.241 INFO : Ready to flash!
            04/15/15 19:21:12.091 INFO : do_new_medfield_device STARTING TO FLASH
            04/15/15 19:21:12.092 INFO : Port 0/0/2 #0: DNX/droidboot phase – SN : Baytrail000067DE
            04/15/15 19:23:13.462 ERROR : Port 0/0/2 #0: Booting to droidboot.img failed – SN : Baytrail000067DE
            I have the dual boot version with Windows, so I don’t want to mess Windows. In the tablet I have just the following info:
            Entering Dnx mode.
            Waiting for fastboot command…

            I followed the TechTablets walkthrough in youtube.
            I really would like to remove the Android from Teclast.
            Thanks for all help guys.
            I tested the Manufacturing Flash Tool in a notebook with 02 USB and in a PC with 06 USB. I tested in every port. I am with Windows 8.1 in both. I installed the drivers that I took from your video, exactly like you did.
            Of course maybe you can not solve my problem, but please, if you have any info for me it would be very much appreciated,
            Thanks again!

  58. btw you seem super helpful thus far and for that i salute you. thank you!

  59. hello, i am on my way buying one of these babies yet i have a few q’s and you might be the perfect man to ask!
    the chines apps that come pre installed are troubling me deeply and i do not want them on my device, how easy is it to remove them and how is it done?
    how does the dual os model work? is it a dual mode all the time or can i choose witch os to run? is the fact that the device is china made a problem for the average user?

    • Hi, you can uninstall most apps. Some it will not let you and you’ll root to do that using an app like titanium backup. These tablets are good, no issues for the average user. You choose which OS you want to run on first boot.

  60. Hi Chris,

    Big fan of your channel and videos! You convinced me to get the x98 air ii a little while ago and install Win 8 on it. I’m more than happy with almost everything!

    I have one problem, and I’m going nuts trying to find a solution. The audio output from the audio jack is just terrible. It sounds tinny and not right at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver from your website (and many others) to no avail. The driver in questions is the Realtek I2S Audio Codec (rtii2sac version 6.2.9600.4125). Something else to note is when I plug headphones in Windows doesn’t have a ‘head phone’ detected option which happens with my desktop.

    I am not using the Dual Boot Bios as my tablet would not charge when turned off so I’m using the Windows only Bios, which seems to work well. I attempted to change the audio interface type from the default (I don’t remember which it was) to the only other option but then the audio device wasn’t detected at all and attempting to install the driver failed.

    It appears it is the driver itself and not hardware as uncompressed audio sounds just fine. I would love to hear any suggestions you have before I reinstall Windows in an attempt to start from scratch.

    Thanks for your time

    • Hi, that is a common issue. Sounds like your using a 4 pole 3.5mm plug that has a mic and remote? Don’t fully insert it and see if it sounds correctly now? Or use a 2 pole. The issue is the plug is like an Apple one. I know that my CX300-Mk II in ear plugs work fine (And fully inserted) and this is because they are just stereo 2 pole ones. I wish Teclast would start using 4 pole 3.5mm jacks that support all mic and non mic headsets.

      • Wow…THANK YOU!!

        I feel pretty silly having spent so much time trying to get it work. Oh well, now I really have no complaints with this tablet.

        Thanks Chris!

    • Do a search for an audio jack converter “3.5mm 3 Pole Angled Male to 4 Pole Female Audio Extension Cable”
      Choose one that matches the pictured visual description as sometimes they get mixed up.

  61. Hi,
    I had a strange experience with HDMI on the Android part. I was playing a stream on what is basically a VLC player and then hooked the tablet up to my TV. The TV showed the Android screen OK, but the streaming app and the player had been instantly shut down. I restarted the app, while still connected to the TV, the stream came back and I could view it. When I was finished, I plugged out the HDMI connector and the same thing happened again. The app closed down immediately!!!
    Any comment on this or any other experience of HDMI?

    • I’ll have to test that, I don’t use Android myself on it anymore. I went back to single OS and just Windows and it runs fine. Might be an app issue?

      • A few days later, I tend to agree, it could be the app. I have now seen it happen again before my eyes with no HDMI connecting or other external event.
        Since last, I have also had a communication with Dolphin Support regarding Dolphin Browser not loading any pages, when Dolphin Jetpack is enabled. Also, it doesn´t load Flash, which is really bad, since Dolphin is supposed to be the last resort for people needing Flash to work in Android 4.4+. I was asked if by any chance my tablet was running on x86 or Intel based hardware (which indeed it is), in which case I should try a special version of Dolphin available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/lum72bbn7upzj4e/DolphinBrowser-X86.apk?dl=0
        This solved the page loading problem, but did not give me Flash. I am telling this for the benefit of any Android user who may have had the same problem, but also because it hints that the Intel platform could explain other oddities.
        Like you, I generally prefer Windows over Android. Originally, I planned to use Android only in specific cases. But the battery issue has made me rethink. I haven´t done any proper measurements, but my feeling is that Windows drains battery faster than Android. As an example, if you leave Windows on standby in the evening, the unit may be dead next morning. Do the same with Android and you will hardly notice the drain. So, for work that can be made equally well in both systems, I would tend to choose Android.

        • I prefer Windows over Android as there is so much more you can do on it in Windows. The standby drain is an issue on all of these bay trail 32bit tablets. Even the Dell and Asus ones have it. I don’t use standby and use shutdown and off instead due to this. And it boots up fast enough anyway.

          • There is probably something wrong with my personality, since I seem rarely able to pull my self together and finish off a session completely. Hence my standby problems. Anyway, after reading your comment, it occurred to me that hibernation must be a better power saving option than standby, so I looked in the control panel to change my power settings. It turns out that the only power saving scheme available is “balanced”, which according to Windows Help is typical of tablets/PCs that support “Instant Go”. Windows Help also suggests, that to find out if your unit supports Instant Go, you should check the manual or the manufacturers website, none of which, of course, is relevant for Chinese tablets. I am not sure I know exactly what it is or if X98 supports it, but I found out X98 indeed has hibernation capability. It is available as a shut down option in the classic Start Menu.
            So, I wonder if someone knows of a “software fix” that creates an alternative power saving scheme causing my tablet to hibernate rather than go standby. I know this has little to do with Chinese tablets, but now the question is asked.

  62. What is the real difference between both except the 3g ?

  63. Hi,
    Does anyone know if there is a 64gb version of the X98 Air ii available anywhere?

    I’ve only been able to find a 32gb version.

    • Just the Air 3G comes with 64GB emmc for now. I’m not sure if Teclast will make a 64GB Air II.

  64. Hello Chris
    Do you know if Ethernet/usb adapter works on this tablet ?
    On android ? Windows ?

    I need to be able to get network with a wired cable instead of wifi

    • Yes usb to Ethernet works as long as you have the drivers for it.

      • Hello Chris

        How install the driver on android side ???

      • Hi,

        Do you know how to install these drivers for USB to Ethernet?

        • Well they should be with your USB to ethernet adapter. Android I have no idea. But Windows you should be fine if they are included or use Windows update to find them..

          • I was actually talking about Android 🙂 I think that will be difficult then.

            Also I was thinking about Air III which is Android-only machine, so there may be problems ahead if I buy that. It’s just so cheap so it’s tempting.

        • Android already has built in drivers for USB to Ethernet adapters.

          • I think some of them do, but not all of them. I hear that USB to Ethernet is not supported by all tablets.

  65. Thanks you very much Chris

  66. Hello Chris

    Thanks for your answer.
    What about battery ? Do you think it is good quality ? At this price, there is probably somewhere where they have to save money for the manufacture of theses products ?
    I heard that often, it is the battery which is poor quality.

    • Yes the battery seems good, after 5 months now may battery is still good and last 7 hours.

  67. Hello Chris

    I would like to buy the 64Gb version but I am afraid because I read a lot of issues concerning Play store problems and battery wrong information problems.

    I wonder also what happen if I get virus on the windows part ? how to reinstall windows on a dual OS tablet ?
    Lot of question sorry… 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your answers

    • Hi there, Play Store should now be fine, if not there is an OTA that will fix it. I do recommend the 64GB model over 32gb as you get much more free space. As for viruses, well they should effect the Android part of the system. You could just do a factory reset on it. And Windows has windows defender anti on it anyway which should stop any viruses.

  68. Hey Chris, I’m having some concern with my tablet. I just received my Teclast x98 Air 3g in the mail yesterday and had some time to play with it. One thing I notice is that when looking through pictures online the pictures are not sharp at all. I am coming from a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (the first version), and it seems that videos and pictures are clearer than the teclast x98 air 3g. I also tried if this issue is only on the windows side but it is the same thing on the android side. Am I missing something?

    • That doesn’t seem right. The screen should be very sharp, it’s as sharp as my Surface Pro 3. And it’s like that in Android to, sounds like a defective screen then.

  69. Thank you so much for your time 🙂

  70. Hello Chris, I bought the dual boot from Light in the Box and I wanted to know how you got the tablet activated with a wireless carrier. I have the iMEI number, but the carriers don’t recognize it, is there something special in the system I need to provide them

    • No, for my sim to work, I just plugged it in and in the Windows box just clicked to connect. I’m in Europe so it connected to 2100Mhz, if your in the US you might have issues with 3G connections.

  71. I have just bought a 3G Dual boot 64 GB and have a 3 week wait ahead of me. In the meantime, do you know if WiFi supports 5GHz? Chinese specs never say anything about that.

    • Hi, sorry it’s 2.4Hz only which is a shame, I guess cost cutting. I wish it was 5Hz so my mouse would not slow the wifi a little.

      • Hrmm… I agree, it´s a pity, specially since I just bought an ac router. But, on the other hand, the idea is to use it on the move (where there s mostly only 2.4 GHz) and not so much at home.
        Thanks for the info, anyway.

  72. Hi Chris,

    I have the same question as @Yves Cools, I’ve been trying to find a way to reduce the Android partition and increase the Windows partition. Is there anyway to do this?

    On a similar note, do you know where I can find out how I can install the custom mirek190 rom v3.1 ? I’ve been looking through the XDA threads and just can’t find out how to install the custom rom over the Chinese rom.

    Thanks for your help in advance


  73. Chris : is it possible to resize the Android and Windows partitions with a bootable USB stick with AOMEI Partition Assistant (freeware) without any problems ?

    I’d like to know if I can decrease Android OS and increase Windows OS disk space with AOMEI Partition Assistant without having to reinstall the OS’s.
    (can you perhaps make a video on this and show us how to do it ?)

    • I have the same doubt. I bought one and I would like to reduce Android and increase Windows. Is there any way to do that?

      • Not without redoing the whole thing with a new partition.tbl file and reflashing.

  74. Hi Chris
    Been hunting for a while but so far no luck.
    Is there a 64gb version for the x98 Air 3G Dual OS? If so where would I be able to get it? And If not how long do you think it might be before one comes out?


  75. Hi Chris, I recently got the Teclast x98 air 3G 64GB version with dual boot. I don’t need android so is there a way to format the android partitions and use them in windows. Like using the disk management program in administrative tools?

    • Yes using a partition manager like partition magic you should be able to delete the Android partitions and later resize the Windows partition for use or a seperate partition for programs or data if you wanted.

  76. Chris : is it possible to resize the Android and Windows partitions with a bootable USB stick with AOMEI Partition Assistant (freeware) without any problems ?

    I’d like to know if I can decrease Android OS and increase Windows OS disk space with AOMEI Partition Assistant without having to reinstall the OS’s.
    (can you perhaps make a video on this and show us how to do it ?)

  77. Hi! Teclas not start the x98 air.Hogy be recoweri menu with the launch? thank Tibi

  78. Just wondering if you are running apps or games on the device and you need to turn off the screen will Windows 8.1 apps be running just as you left them?

  79. Does the Windows version come with free preinstaled office or not?

    • Yes, 6 months Office, I remember seeing the pop up asking to activate it.

  80. You mentioned the hardware lottery and that your first device was kinda broken. Did you return it ? And how was support ? I guess you bought from alieexpress

    • I had a laggy touch screen. I sold it to my sister in-law for cheap 🙂 It doesn’t really bother her. Returns with Ali express are a bit of a hassle. Could take up to 6-8 weeks for a replacement.

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