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THE USB is a fail

so i just figured out that the usb port is selective. have a usb with light in it to figure it out better, but basicly when you boot the tablet, the usb otg MUST be plugged in, ALSO there is an 1 side to it, 1 Side is appearently Charging faster(the non Black one) and the Black icon is usb-3, Now on MY USB cable, The icon is on the Fast-charging Side by mistake, That WHY i had troubles for 3 days ...[Read More]



Quite good, but ……….

The tablet is good, nice to hold and the battery lasts long. What’s more the display is truly amazing… the very bad side : some HI8s ship with super-cheap low quality EMMCs that last at most 4 months before the tablet becomes unusable (boots straight into UEFI shell and does not boot from external devices…) EMMC just dies. People tried to remove it and got exactly the same behavi...[Read More]



When it’s good, its good but when…..

Had my Hi8 (Win10 and Android 4.4) two months now. Android throughout has been rock solid and never given a single problem but Win10, oh dear. After several full resets, countless system restores , driver updates and every tweak i can find, Win 10 is still unreliable. Numerous Blue Screens of Death  (BSOD), Wireless hifi drops, Broadcom network adapter disappearing from Device Manager, Bluetooth i...[Read More]



Chwui Hi8

At this price point, this is the best tablet you can imagine. Its reiable, fast, good looking, well built…



Screen has me hooked

Pretty satisfied so far, need usable software to use GPS. I’m looking forward to Windows 10 as I’ve been running it on another laptop. Screen resolution is killer! Added 64GB microSD for expansion. In Windows 10 I’m pretty sure the documents folder can be re-directed to the microSD card.

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