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Chuwi Hi8 Downloads

For the Chuwi Hi8 drivers, please use Doubledriver to restore them all at once, alternatively you can extract and install them one by one, but it’s more laborious.

Chuwi Hi8 Drivers Backup Doubledriver88.6 MiB21565
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part1700 MiB7571
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part2700 MiB5248
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part3700 MiB4868
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part4700 MiB4736
Chuwi Hi8 Windows 10 Image Part5473 MiB4787
HI8 How To Flash (Chinese)6.2 MiB5929
HI8 Windows Image Part13.0 GiB5048
HI8 Windows Image Part22.6 GiB3459
Hi8 Android Rom474 MiB9918
Hi8 Bios7.1 MiB7172
Win 10 SileadTouch-Package S806 MSSL00011.5 MiB13146


  1. Hola . Yo tengo la chuwi hi8 CW1513 PQ32G22160409050 . Me falta los drivers, bios y táctil para w10 .
    ¿Tienen la iso w10 para la chuwi x64 ? Gracias

  2. double driver doesn’t restore ANYTHING???

  3. i’ve got a problem with bluetooth and audio after update as well

  4. I have been fighting this Chuwi Hi8-super for days now! Where can I get a tutorial in ENGLISH??? Everything I find here is in Chinese! I would really like to flash this thing and get it working again! I did a Microsoft Windows Update and lost my AUDIO and WI-FI drivers! How do I correct this problem????

  5. need these in ?English where I can use them!

  6. thanks

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