Cube i7 stylus first impression

Cube i7 stylus first impression

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    I would like to know as well, which Bamboo. Actual stylus work, I could say, strange. I didn’t dig in yet, but there are annoying freezes with touch and Wacom. When I use mouse, no problems.

    P.S. May be anybody knows, where in Europe or at least with cheap delivery to, are possible to buy good stylus for reasonable price. All, what I found, are expensive. 50$ un up.

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    Hi !

    I bought that pen :

    And it’s really great. I don’t have my tempered glass screen protector yet, but it sure will be even better !!

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    Hi friends,

    Atlast today I received my cube. Very much excited!!! I have one concern though, I ordered my cube with stylus from aliexpress, But I have not received stylus with the package and the charger they provided is 12v 2.5mAh. Is any one of you in the same boat like me?


    Chris G
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    I got my keyboard today, finally after a months wait! The good news is, the quality is great A+. Touchpad is small, but workable and has physical mouse buttons. USB 2.0 ports (2) and the stylus holder are a great touch. Overall it’s really nice to type on. Better than my Surface 3 type cover even. I recorded a quick review of it here.

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    Finally got keyboard from Geek Buying, they send it with PostNL. PostNL really seems to remove source shipping address and replace it with fishy looking return address… Reminds me of times when exploited that tax hole in Jersey island.

    Bit heavy feeling but solid construction, keyboard feels great to type but touchpad is quite meh, I don’t like it at all. Touchpad buttons are OK but it doesn’t take swipes so well.

    Also Aliexpress tempered glass proctetor came. Much better that orinigal, stylus works OK. I just managed to crack it during intallation so now it looks like having screen crack at the bottom of screen. Have to test it more before ordering new one.

    EDIT. I suppose its no new news, keyboard seems to have standard USB 2.0 hub inside which has HID devices connected and which external USB ports are connected.


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    Thank you for your update.
    The keyboard is fine, the only issue is the touchpad, if i want to disable it and take out the tablet or close the lid the reconnect it again to the keyboard the touchpad back to On.

    It’s very annoying.

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    I just uploaded unboxing video of the glass protector and test it with the stylus, it’s works great!

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    Finally after nearly a month I’ve managed to get a replacement tablet sent out from China, probably one of my worst Aliexpress experiences but oh well. Looking forward to getting it setup with Windows 10.

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    I’m eager to receive mine. I ordered from Banggood on this site’s recommendation. Seems like it shouldn’t take so long to ship from southern China to Japan, but almost 2 weeks have passed already since I ordered. I really hope it doesn’t take a whole month.

    According to my tracking numbers, mine is being shipped via Flyt Express. Anyone else had theirs shipped with this company? It shows twice ‘Processed Through Sort Facility’ but there has been no further update since then (9/12). Do you think it’s already left China, or is it somewhere sitting in a sorting facility in China for 4 days?

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    Edited out..

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    I forgot to post.. I ordered a new keyboard and got a small refund (like 15€). But even with the new keyboard there is a small gap between the tablet and the dock. Its better than with the old keyboard but its till there. (can do new photos..). I dont know if that should be, i thought the tablet lays completly on the dock so it cant get some dust between it.


    Regilio Bouma
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    hey is there a way to calibrate the stylus? its a bit off 🙁

    Janis Veide
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    hey is there a way to calibrate the stylus? its a bit off :(<noscript>:(</noscript>

    In the Wacom driver configuration there is a calibration option.

    irhamni rahman
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    hello, i would like to buy this tablet, but i’m scared of shipping to EGYPT by aliexpress.

    anyone here from egypt had experienced with shipping service goods to egypt? is there any problem? which ship do you prefer?

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    Will update it

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