[Guide] Teclast X16 Pro / Power – Factory Reset

[Guide] Teclast X16 Pro / Power – Factory Reset

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    Elias Tofoli
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    Thanks for the nice tutorial in English.

    Bear with me but… do I need a usb bridge cable in order to connect the Tbook 16 Power to the PC where the Intel Phone Flash Tool is installed?

    I am trying to use the regular USB-USB cable and there is no way the Tbook 16 Power shows at the Flash Tool so I can have Android flashed into it.

    As, when I was updating Android via OTA, something went wrong, currently I can´t boot on Android. SO… that particular step of your tutorial of booting into Android and leaving it, can´t be accomplished at my Tbook 16 Power. Would it be preventing me from flashing the device?

    Running Windows 10 Home, 64 bits.

    Thanks in advance! 😉

    Georgios Daniil
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    Is anybody that have the windows file in google drive and not in baidu?

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    Ok everyone,  the downloads for the X16 are in the forum downloads section. I was able to get them from Baidu with help from a Chinese colleague and got them over to the forum lead who posted them.

    Use the forum drop down menu in the upper right corner of the window and go to downloads,  then choose the X16 and grab the files or use this quick link.


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    Please help i have Teclast Tbook 16 Power i want to reinstall windows.

    first of all i got no dual boot option stuck to windows ( my little bro play with it )

    then i try to  use WINPE to USB to boot ,than it ‘s run CMD after that it boot to Android (Still no dual boot option)

    also i try to fix it i have download these Zip file “TbooK 16 Power(双系统)_Win10(RS1)_20161210版images文件”

    from this ( https://pan.baidu.com/s/1jHJEeoe#list/path=%2F )

    i saw your instruction to format USB drive to FAT32 but on that folder that i download it has a file “Install.wim” size 7.12Gb . cant copy to FAT 32 do to it limitation size support less than 4Gb per file.

    Do you have any video instruction ??


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    Hi, my Teclast from an error: 1392, while updating windows. I attach the image:

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    Hi, my Teclast I followed the guide from the beginning and Intel phone flash gave positive result.
    Only if I start the tablet at the choice of the two operating systems, I choose android to restart and after the Teclast logo remains with a black screen, after an 8-10 minute starts.
    I try to run the installation of Windows, starts from the stick and comes out a blue screen with bios acpi error, why? and I can not fix it.

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